blood and snow questions



Hi there! i was wondering what you guys do for the Prehistoric women nuances,I don’t see a reason(other than story)that you would use a male character, am I missing something? Thank you!


You can either ignore the page or give different advantageous traits to men. That’s a bit how it is in real life: we have differences that make us work better when we do so together. :muscle:

Deus velocitate !


thanks, those are great ideas!


My party always plays their irl gender. Women’s characters had the extra trait. But, it really didn’t come in play that often.


yeah,I guess it’s not a big deal i’ll just DIY it, thanks!


Hey there, i think youd be interested in this
thats a link to a discord currently running a drop in when you want Blood and Snow campaign. the current host has created a wonderful adaptation of Blood and Snow. In the discord youll find character sheets, and documents for the setting. With further elaboration on rulings. Id suggest coming by to check it out, even if just to take a look at the Blood and snow document.


sorry, can’t now but thanks anyway!