Blood and Snow: Pine Stag



Made another one of the megafauna creatures for Blood and Snow. What would you add? Critics are always welcomed!


I appreciate the Blood & Snow content. It’s my favorite ICRPG setting. Did you intentionally make the Pine Stag a Dex-based encounter?


Players with wits should be avoiding fight them at close range these things are enormous and could be mortal. So if they are trying to tackle them front face better be quick on their feet or be prepared for a world of pain haha. But there is a lot of other rolls to make that are not called directly from the monster attacks but are more situationally. For example, the chars could try to immobilize one of them with thrown ropes: I would consider this a 2 Heart shared effort with a STR attempt each turn, to keep it under control. If someone rolls a 1 the rope simply snaps and some effort is lost. If you cannot kill it in 1D4 turns the stag frees itself


worked on a better image



I actually have a Megaloceros Fossil, so this would be a great way to incorporate it into my campaign!
Thank you!


Like this image better. Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West inspiration makes me want to shoot off the antlers to prevent the Horn Swipe.