Blood and Snow - Lone Wolf companion



Hello everyone. I’ve been GMing ICRPG for a couple of months now (Alfheim in real table and Warp Shell through Foundry VTT). Today I decided to have a go with Blood and Snow, was adding some megafauna beasts to my brew:

Any ideas about it? I’m looking for insights and some validation…


Nice additions! It’s always great to see how people fill in the gaps for things like the megafauna which sometimes is seen as “missing”.

Anyway, the stat block looks great. Really easy to read and understand. It does feel like you’ve got two versions overlapping. One where the wolfs are enemy beasts and one where the wolves are the players friends or allies. If you did split them out, I’d think about maybe reducing the heart count and adding a few more individual actions.

If the players are facing off against some wolves, 2 and 3 Hearts can be pretty beefy and you’ll probably want some more variety than just bites. Bites, pounces, tackles, distracts, encircles, cuts off, drag away. etc…

I do really like how you’ve included ways for the wolves to follow and persist as players move around. That sounds like a really fun dynamic to have in the game. Please share more as you go and glad to have you in the community!


Yeah I was thinking in the wolf pack a bit like the Black Wolfs of the book, where they are enemies and in the lone wolf as a persistent encounter during the journey. If the players notice that she is neutral and start to feed her she will turn in a loyal companion. The 4 hearts of the Black Wolfs is the packs HP. But I’ll add individuals in the scene. When the players kill half they will flee, no point in hunt something that killed half of your gang…

About the lone wolf it just occurred to me: they can try a CHA roll and after that, every time they feed her they can do a TOOL EFFORT (after all the are using food to help…). With 1 :heart: she will become a companion (after every roll she grabs the food and goes away returning the next day). This or maybe when you feed her a whole FOOD SUPPLY she will come to your side definitely.


I like what you’ve done. I had never thought of the lone wolf as a companion before. I’ve been planning to start a solo Blood and Snow campaign and stating out some other megafauna or regular animals has been one of my projects before starting. I think I will definitely incorporate what you’ve done.