Blood and Snow: Horned Brute (Woolly Rhino) - Community made



from the book (master ed.), pg 291: HOOK: Hateful temper if encountered. Always crazed. 1D4 appearing.

Assuming that the Hook mentioned in ICRPG is the woolly rhinoceros, I made an image of him for the Blood and Snow megafauna. What would be his attacks and characteristics? Let’s build this bad boy!

check Alex post below, Hank said that the Hook is the Giant Sloth so I changed the name to Horned Brute

I have one:

THICK FUR COAT : Adapted to the harsh environment, the hook has a thick fur coat that provides natural resistance against the cold and the natural weapons of any predator. Any attempt to wound it is HARD unless you are using spears or atlatls.

What animal is a Hook?

THUNDEROUS CHARGE: Moves up to DOUBLE FAR in a straight line, HARD DEX vs WEAPON Effort to any CLOSE to the HOOK’s Path.


That looks gorgeous, but I confirmed with Hank today that the Hook is a giant sloth.



We finish this one and go for it! Thanks for looking up @Alex


I am all about seeing a gang of angry, frenzied giant sloths.

And for our Woolly Rhino buddy:

STOMP: Rear up and bash one CLOSE target with front hooves, doing WEAPON damage and pinning target to the ground. Hard STR check to escape.

GORE: Impale a pinned target with massive horn for ULTIMATE damage. On an successful attack roll of 18 or higher, the target is wounded and bleeds for 1 damage per round until healed.


In nature rhinoceroses are natural firefighters. They stomp out any fire that they see.
That would be cool to integrate into this monster.
Also, they have terribly vision. Maybe something like, “Near-sighted & Aggressed—Cannot see past Near but attacks everything that moves within Near.”


Hello everyone, thanks for the ideas and suggestions, this community is awesome! Based on what we discussed I got this, what do you think?


I will definitely be slotting in references to some of these MOBs into my Bronze Age Setting.


I love it! These resources are going straight into my world. I don’t run Blood and Snow, but I have a region populated by megafauna. Your creatures are all really evocative, and the artwork is fantastic.


Alright, made an update to the original post and added the sheet to the top. Thanks, everyone!


We should also add a steppe Bison, again a big grumpy hairy herd beast. Should be easy enough.


Yep, this, the giant sloth and the woolly mammoth