Blastmasters RAWK


So this just happened in my quick solo playtest of DM Scotty’s EZ D6 system:

I wanted to test a Blastmaster’s mettle in combat. So I surrounded him with four skeletons.

Conjurers can also direct their spells at groups. This is what I did in the test. The group rolls as many Resistance Dice as it has members. So the four skeletons rolled 4d6, with the highest result being the target number for the magic roll of the conjurer.

I rolled 4d6 and got a 5 as the highest result for magic Resistance. Being a conjurer, my Blastmaster rolls 2d6 for each magic roll. The risk to NOT get a 5 seemed to high for me, so I decided to roll Power Level 3 (adding 2 more dice to the roll), so I rolled 4d6. I got 2,3,3 and 5.

This meant my Blastmaster’s spell attack was successful. I hit all four skeletons with 2 strikes damage each – and since they only had 1 strike, I killed them on the spot.

Just imagine: the conjurer standing in the middle, surrounded by four skeletons. A quick, powerful gesture, maybe a scream, and a huge frigging fireball erupts from the man’s hands, blasting outwards like a tidal wave of fiery destruction.

That was really fun :slightly_smiling_face:

EZD6 is my new darling, for sure.


Blastmaster description says “inflicts 2 strikes per hit” so you can only roll 3d6 as your casting roll but if successful it deals 2 strikes to all enemies not just 1.


I read the rules differently. A conjurer has a boon when it comes to magic.
So: He rolls 2d6 on power level 1. Two PLs more, and we arrive at 4d6.

Regarding damage: I wrote exactly what you wrote…


I guess the question is whether spellcasting counts as a “magickal mystery test” and thus benefits from boons.


I guess the boon is more for ‘insight checks’ regarding magical stuff. Wouldnt make much sense to have the only caster have a boon in casting. Ther are items though that let you roll up to 4d6.


That’s my take as well. “Ah yes, the Eye of Agamotto. It’s said to have power over time itself!”


Conjurers do not receive a boon on magick rolls rules as written. In fact, magick and miracles as written are handled with a different system than the rest of the game where you choose how many dice to roll but any 1 fails the attempt, up to a max of 3 dice ever. Straight from the creators mouth on YouTube this information comes from. DM Scotty’s channel has some good vids up about EZD6 already, and the discord is popping with questions and clarification from the man himself.

But yeah, the blastmaster is badass.


The Discord invites never last long enough for me to catch them before expiration!



It’s already clossed. I’d love an invite to I’m Scotty’s server. I run ezd6 about 3 times a week.



There ya go bud. I presume you’re enjoying it


Thank you. Yes we love it! I want to look at maybe implementing it into the pbta monster of the week system.


Remnant is correct. Roll 1-3D6 for power level roll and inflict 2 strikes if you hit.