Attend the Southwest ICRPG Gaming Weekend


Calling all shieldwall brethren!

The Southwest Shields will be hosting a IRL-face-to-face full weekend of ICRPG gaming on Nov 30 - Dec 2 and your presence is requested in Tempe, AZ.

We’ve booked a great home via AirBNB where we will rally, play, workshop, and hang-out the entire weekend.

Join us for a weekend of… playing @Ezzerharden ‘s Bear Wars, @Shadymutha ‘s Black Light, @Paxx ‘s Red Shirts, and other games. GM workshopping to further grow your GM abilities, game design, and adventure development.

Want to join us? Partial, or entire weekend. If you’re interested and would like to attend this face-to-face tabletop experience of ICRPG awesomeness, leave a comment here or shoot me a DM.

Raise your Shields!


Just for peoples information.
We have a place to game Saturday and Sunday, near the Airport, near Mill Avenue. 4 people confirmed already… those we know are localish, and or we’ve been in communication with. House Sleeps a total of 8…but the beds are double occupancy.

I reserved for 5, I’m willing and equipped to sleep on the floor, unless we decide on +1, but we are not there at the moment.

House rules!!!
no shoes on carpet,
Smoke outside.
Clean up after yourself.
Personal Hygiene, odors are kind of my gross out factor.

So…If this is of Value to you, let us know.
If you are local, want to come and game, or willing to come but board elsewhere, let us know.

So, if interested, but not sure, let us know.
If interested and 100% but only one day, let us know.
If interested, but only if you get a room and bathroom all to yourself and…unless you are @Runehammer or @Alex or any of the Oath-sworn…you will need to board else ware. but it will be really helpful if you notify us.

All in all we are trying to get 5~8 total, but can have up to 10 for games and such, but not all staying there overnight. If we know what to expect, we can plan for an excellent weekend.

at the moment I think it will be a blast…a few more people might be better, but also more work to coordinate.


Oh man. I would absolutely love to come and play, but I don’t think I can do it this year. I have criss-crossed the country three times, so I doubt I can make it happen again. But maybe next year!!! :smiley:


Not with that attitude!

But, the topic has already been broached about putting together something much larger for next year.


Hahahaha. The attitude is willing, but the wallet protests. :smirk:


Daaaaaaaang, y’all. You’re pulling out all the stops for this. Fargo has planning to do…


I’m interested in going. It’s Thanksgiving weekend which complicates things between work and family.


We’d be happy to have you attend. I can’t promise you turkey and sweet potatoes but you can definitely chew on some sweet gaming. I’ll probably also make some killer barbacoa.

Once you figure out whether you’ll actually attend or not, let us know.


Mmmmm. Sweet potato Brownies…


Looked at the Fargo area for decent houses with a decent table…pool tables count. You have a few choices. None super cheap, but none at 700 for the weekend.

Truth be told, easy to get to, good table, said I can smoke outside was my top requirement.

Didn’t realize it was Turkey Day weekend till noted by @Kirwyn. Bad on us, but it’s a first step.

Gaming, talking shop, strategic thinking future endeavors, my not wanting to clean up my own house.

And not wanting North Dakota to outshine Arizona was a factor. A good factor. We’ll let you have Summer ;-p


The family is cool with me cutting out to Tempe that weekend so it it looks like I’ll drive in on Saturday. Hopefully I won’t miss too much. Is Sunday gonna be a half day kinda thing or is it all the way through Monday evening?
Barbacoa ftw!
I will score a hotel room to make room for others at the house, and to let me snore in peace.


Sunday is a full day. Well shut things down on Monday.

And no need to grab a hotel unless you’re keen on that. We’ve got room at the house. We’ll shoot you a message with house address.


It begins…


Oh man! That’s super awesome!!! I hope it’s a great weekend of gaming!!!


Nice! That looks like it’ll be a great time!


Second Altered State game is the weekend. Pushing the numbers with each character starting with 5 milestones.


Quick Summary of our Altered State Cne Shot Adventure for anyone watching:

Character Selection

  • 2 EXO’s, 1 SHIFTER, and 1 SLICER… 5 milestones each!


Children go missing… they begin the hunt… soon they discover a gang of mutants chasing a small boy… after some quick firefights, a psychic mutie shows and begins controlling the boy… the boy is a powerful psychic and rolls random on the list for his powers… all 20 of them!.. anyway they rescue the boy and run to find his sister, only to discover the mutants have her and want the boy in exchange… What will happen next time on MIND GAMES - An Altered State adventure??


The system is really over the top…similar to VC in ability… but not so much that you are playing a supers game. The 5 milestones didn’t hurt either… but it was a playtest meant to push the system… the characters can really move around the game table! … All in all we had a great time playing Altered State and Black Light… I can’t wait to do it again. ~Ezzerharden


We also played another installment of the Happy Happy Ra! Ra! show known as Black Light!!!

This one only had me stress eating and I recovered before going to bed and did not need a bottle of wine.

I don’t over identify with characters I made 5 minutes ago!!! What are you talking about!!!???

Disorders? Why would my character get a disorder from seeing a few dead bodies, he’s seen them before…No, this twitch in my eye is has nothing to do with my nervous twitch, I don’t have a nervous twitch!!!

Stop Gas Lighting me!!!

In all seriousness, I was stress eating. This game is so much more engaging and enthralling when you try to identify with the Malleability of reality as it is happening to your poor character. This is a game that rewards you for being as Human and getting into the adventure as you can!

As I knew it would be, we had to play that game last…and for me it did not disappoint. Not everyone at the tables cup of Joe, but they all played their characters well.

Hell, this is not my cup of Joe, but it reminds me what it is to feel for a character!!! probably once a season or so would be my prefered feel for this type of adventure/situation.

For a long running campaign, a perfect halloween nightmare, you all wake up and that really didn’t happen type game, that has all the players and their characters looking at the world a bit differently. Like the last 30 minutes of Donnie Darko. (what an underappreciated movie)



I guess we all had a thing for black tee shirts.