Ashes in the Goblet: Phoenix Golem's 1st Bundle Release



Hey Shields! My friend and I released our first TTRPG Bundle today, it has a 5e adventure he designed and a full Final Fantasy ICRPG hack designed by yours truly! There’s a Materia system inspired by HF’s Relics of Odium, a really fun Ability/Tag Mastery system, Custom Loot tables, 10 Life Forms, 16 Classes and a Bestiary. Plus I threw in a GM section for some tips that have helped me at my table over the years, and also a Random Room Design Generator that has helped me immensely when I’ve gotten stuck designing fun rooms for my games.





You can just buy the ICRPG half of the bundle now on drivethruRPG. My first time publishing there!


HOLIDAY SALE!!! First Fantasy now up for $5. Happy gaming shield fam!



4 New Classes and a Ninjutsu Compendium now up on Drivethru RPG!