Article on Roleplaying Failures



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Found this article on the web today. Talks about roleplaying your failures and channeling the negative energy that comes from it into the the character’s perspective. Its worth the read.


Love this article. Great advice. Thanks for sharing!

I wonder if this concept deserves its own mnemonic. Something like, 4T, 3D, DEW, etc.


Nice articule. Thank for sharing it.


Basic stuff but it never hurts to put stuff down in words, right?


I found the article interesting, but odd. The article almost seemed to suggest a “GM vs. the Players” mindset to encounters, which I’ve always viewed as antithetical to a fun and fair game session.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ve never found myself frustrated by what monsters/enemies roll, and if something goes somehow askew because of dice rolls, it can most often be easily addressed/tweaked on the fly through role-playing or some other mechanic.

I can’t imagine ever saying (in a frustrated way) “man, these goblins are rolling horribly” and I definitely wouldn’t want to play in a game where a GM said such things.

Just my two copper pieces.