Are there two kinds of ENERGY?



I’m looking at Warp Shell, the Echo ability “Energy Star.” It says that it harvests ENERGY to be used for healing or as a bonus. Is this a resource called ENERGY or is it just the ENERGY effort? Does this harvesting of energy do something to the source- especially the mastered version that sucks ENERGY from nearby creatures?

My search fu ain’t great these days so if you can point me to a reference for this I’d be pleased as punch.


I think it’s open to interpretation. That’s the ICRPG way; even if you were strictly to read it as a source of ENERGY effort, it’s not clear what absorbing that from the source would do to that source. These are the decisions you get to make as a DM. I read it just as electricity, basically.


Basically, the ability allows you to bank a D10 of effort and use it in a subsequent round.


Great question! I wish there was some clarity. I get the that, in the absence of clarification we make up our own. Just hoped runehammer would weigh in.

I love the idea of vampiric style ability. I just wonder if it would be op.

I’m new to the system, so I don’t know how these abilities are balanced yet.


There’s no balance in the abilities in ICRPG. The concept of game balance is rejected as valuable by the game.


It’s my game now, Balance from wall to wall! I’ll be like Scrooge McDuck diving into a pile of balance!

Seriously though, @xFistOfMarsx @The_Merlitron is absolutely right. The book does say balance sucks. It does also say to do things your own way. Personally when I think of balance I think of players having a reasonable expectation that their character can mostly keep up with the other characters, as opposed to pivot tables on a spreadsheet.

But again ICRPG has a big spirit of ingenuity and freedom so pretend like you’re all out of bubblegum.