Archer girls for the win



Finally was able to run my first table of Blood and Snow last night and had a lot of fun. Want to share it with the wall.

They are a group of 6 Seekers, 3 players, each one running a couple female/male since the death toll is expected to be high. They made the women completely badasses, all three having the Archer ability.

First encounter of the night: they run for their lives to a cave because in 4 turns a stratofall will reach the ground and freeze everything. All six of them were able to enter the cave just in time, but deep inside, in a lower part at the back there is a sleeping cave bear. I rolled a luck 50/50 dice and the massive beast kept on with his sleep even with all the running during their dashing entrance. The animal scent makes them very conscious and silent. One of the girls goes alone to investigate and finds the massive beast lying there. She goes back and tells the others who decide not to eat anything bigger than a fruit of their supplies since any meat will certainly open the appetite of the monster.

The first turn of guard goes well, but on the second turn, the beast starts to wake (bad 50/50 luck). One of the guarding players goes back to their makeshift camp to wake up the others but fails her DEX stealth check, crunching the snow with more strength than intended. Everyone is on their toes, rolls for initiative the players go first, EASY on the first round since the bear is in a bit of a sleep haze.

Then the girls come to the rescue. Remember: three Archers, DOUBLE EFFORT on an EASY bow shot. All three are successful with 7 + 7 + 5 damage meaning 14 +14 +10, a total of 38 eviscerating neck rupturing, lung piercing, and through the ears killing shots against the 3 HEARTS mighty cave bear!

They take the rest of their night processing bear meat and fur, now they have wedding gifts for the mudmen ceremony they are about to run into.

TL;DR: Archers girls are awesome.