Animal Stats for Player Characters



I got some help from the Discord creating stats for some animals for my players. It worked great. Thought I would share.


Are they using these as pets?


Actually, they played them as straight up characters in the adventure. I also gave them regular characters. This is the main idea "“Feywild Animorph: Derived from a long lineage of animorphs from the Fey-touched Mystvar Forest (Alfheim: Grey). The animorphs live primarily in their animal forms and never prey on other animorphs. Guardian of Mystvar Forest and all the life therein. Can transform at will between Animorph and humanoid form.”

In animal form, they foiled a rogue mining operation that would have destroyed the Rabbit Animorph’s meadow. (They beat up a bunch of swarming rats and their master - a wererat humanoid.) Later on they will use their humanoid characters which will keep aspects of the animorphs (possum tail, fox ears, extra bear hair). At least that is the plan.


I love that idea. It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.