Amid Infinity - Cosmic Horror using ICRPG


Hey shields,

it’s been a while since I did some play testing for this, but meanwhile I consider it to be finished.

Amid Infinity is a micro-supplement for turning your ICRPG table into a cosmic horror experience, featuring:

  • Occupation TAGs instead of character types. Everybody’s human
  • Starter Loot suggestions
  • Stress and Insanity Mechanics with narrative Insanity TAGs
  • ideas for building chases
  • some tables for coming up with an adventure idea.

It’s fairly minimal and aims to be used both: during prep and at the table. Put your questions below :metal:

Free PDF:

As a wise man once said:

“No System can RP.”

Keep that in mind :slight_smile: Players need to be on the same page, else your cosmic horror may turn into a different mood.

I’m working on a couple of adventure blueprints (nothing completely fleshed out but things you may work on top of). Stay tuned!



Awsome, I was looking forward to it. It’s an amazing pdf and I absolutely love the tables on page two.
Thanks for writing and sharing


Well done, sir. Your hard work on this genre supplement has clearly paid off.


Thanks for sharing your creation.


Next next iteration of Amid Infinity is currently WIP. There will be some playtests soon.


  • Join the ICRPG Community Discord
  • Grab your reaction role for :octopus: Cosmic Horror to access the #cosmic-horror channel.
  • Things will take place there!

Disclaimer: I’ll offer playtests with some scenarios based on CoC adventures as well as some custom built scenarios.

Cheers, and stay sane, folks!