Alternate Settings for Junk'd


Has anyone done any alternate settings for Junk’d, this includes Western, Mythos, Fantasy, etc? I’ve been toying around with stuff for a Mythos themed one, where the drivers are of course the investigators, and the ghost riders are different sorts of beasts from the fiction. Maybe players on death would roll for what monster they get, and each one has a special ability, or each game you roll for what elder god the riders would be picked from.


Great ideas here, dude. I would definitely drive around and wreck “cars” in those settings.

I don’t remember off the top of my head who was working on it, but one of the folks here has a great write up for a Mario Kart Junk’d setting. Let me track that down so I can drop the link here.



A gothic fantasy setting could be really cool. Using stage coaches instead of cars and headless horseman for ghost riders, or ghost riders on horseback.
Also beware the Dreaded Hearse of Vlad!!!


Oh man thats awesome!