Altered State Style Munitions for Fantasy



One of my favorite bits of Altered State are the munitions rolls; regardless of whatever your thing is as a PC, everyone gets a special kind of ammo, and some bombs - FUN!

So, I thought, “Why not make similar roll tables for Fantasy/Alfheim games?” And so I did. I made tables for magic ammo, scrolls, potions, and charms (which would be like augments in AS), and would rule that each player may roll on 3 of these tables. I haven’t figured out number of uses for scrolls (or even if they are scrolls, or some other kind of consumable magic items) or potions, so feedback to those would be helpful. Also, I just want a gut check on whether all these things seem cool.


  1. pinning - pin foe to nearest surface
  2. fire - burns for timer
  3. acid - destroys armor or gear
  4. push - pushes target near
  5. anti-magic - disrupt magic effects and spell casting for timer
  6. multiplying - hit up to MAGIC targets
  7. disruption - hit incorporeal foes. 1 in 6 to destroy single heart undead.
  8. sleep - put target to sleep for TIMER; save if multiple hearts, +1 for each; 5 or more immune.
  9. plague - add BASIC damage for TIMER. Spreads to all CLOSE even after death.
  10. Ice - extinguish fires; targets only move CLOSE; liquids freeze


  1. Flood - summon 60 ft of water to fill the scene.
  2. knock - open any door
  3. ward - bar passage beyond any single threshold
  4. swap - swap this scroll for object in target’s hand; scroll will reactivate in D4 days
  5. wall of force - create a near sized bubble or dome, or double near sized wall of impenetrable force for TIMER
  6. web - fill a near sized area with strong, sticky, flammable webs.
  7. acorn - grow an enormous and sturdy oak in TIMER
  8. Reflecting Ray - FAR range; MACIG damage; reflects off hard surfaces D4 times.
  9. Flame Spirit - creates 1 NEAR sized fire per round for TIMER
  10. Life - bring a lifeless form to life! Has senses, talks, and personality; starts off treating caster as a close family member.


  1. Strength - STR bonus +10 for TIMER
  2. Jumping - jump FAR as MOVE for TIMER
  3. water adaptation - breath water and swim for TIMER
  4. Ooze form - become an ooze for TIMER
  5. invisibility - impossible to see for TIMER
  6. universal solvent - dissolve 1 cu. ft of material per dose; D10 doses
  7. stone form - +10 DEF, STR +5, DEX -5, sink in liquid, break wooden floors, incredibly heavy for TIMER
  8. weightlessness - float and get blown around for TIMER
  9. Invulnerability - immune to harm for TIMER
  10. Love - the drinker is totally and utterly in love with the next person they see or hear.

Charms (Augments):

  1. magical eye - see the invisible and through illusions.
  2. Ox Charm - non-combat STR is EASY. Charge 2x NEAR for BASIC and push NEAR.
  3. Mithril Shirt - ignore damage from one attack once per session; trade for stunned for d4-CON rounds
  4. ring of protection - +1 DEF; hand becomes iron hard
  5. snake charm - immunity to mundane venom and toxins
  6. cat’s paw - sneaking and balance are both EASY
  7. violet charm - +5 HP; +1d4 to RECOVERY
  8. Spark Gloves - summon light metal objects to your hands NEAR distance; ENERGY close attack, must RECOVER INT to use again.
  9. Yew Charm - ask BASIC questions about a specific person, building, item, or area and get honest answers from the GM; RECOVER WIS to use again on a different target.
  10. Sparrow Charm - cannot be grappled, stuck, webbed, entangled, slowed, or held.


Oh WILD! That is a super fun idea!


VERY clever. Very clever, indeed. Fun stuff!


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