Alien-style ship dungeon



Hi all,
I want to share with you a dungeon map I am “making” for my campaign. It features an old sci-fi ship that landed on a coast a few centuries ago, inspired by the Alien saga. Inside, the security system is still active to protect the ship, which basically means that xenomorph-ish robots will hunt the player for some really claustrophobic sessions. That is the first deck, where the players will enter.

The reason why I am sharing it is that I am using the resources Hank made for XENO DEAD ZONE and other assets from 2-Minutes-Tabletop with Dungeoncraft, and this is because I do not have the art skill to do that by myself. So, I guess that sharing it online for everyone who may want to use it is a way of reducing my feeling of guilt for using resources from others!

Any comment and any suggestion about how to continue with the lower decks are very much appreciated.


Added notes to the post


This totally freaking rocks and you have very lucky players. More please!


Awesome! Thank you!
I would love to see your ideas with bananas, targets, stats as well. :slight_smile:


Lower decks could be power plants that have fused people together.

The reactors could be overloading.

The air locks could be ruptured

The loading bays could have a foreign object in them, crashed? Recovered?


Thanks, Lon, but just because Hank’s tiles are amazing

atxxx - ok, I will add my notes, it would be great to have feedback from you guys, the first session should be this Sunday and I guess the player will not go further than what I have shown now.

Keljorn-Ironfist - those are really cool ideas. The reactor’s room can be a nice challenge.
In the loading bay, I might have a hidden base of some pirates, that somehow isolate the area from the rest of the ship avoiding the robot stuff, and if the players go there will be some strange and foreign loot.
I was thinking to have part of the ship flooded, I thought to the hangar with big war tanks under the water, and monster hiding in the darkness there


I have put the notes here for this area. Any suggestion is always welcomed!
(Apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes, English is not my mother tongue)


This is amazing. Killer work. I love how you blended the three asset types together. Really awesome work.


Wow! Wonderful! Thank you! Seems like 3-4 session, not one! :slight_smile:


amazatastic gigantepicness


Thanks afxxx
yes I am aiming for that! xD
3-4 sessions or even more of fear and claustrophobic hunt of the players, really like Alien saga. There should be other two levels of the ship (maybe with bigger rooms actually which can take both levels and bring the encounter vertically, such as the engine or the hangar. Then there will be the “pirates’ cave” which should be a small option part with more roleplay.

We haven’t kicked off this yet, due to one of the players being busy with his private life. It is also very different from what we have played so far, which have been a year of mostly city encounters and plot and fights, and some travelling. This will be the first big dungeon they will face, so I relly looking forward to this huge change in style.

Also there will be a mystery to solve (again, Alien style), and they have a time limit in game of 3 days. But if they do not get the right direction to solve the mystery, it may take even more sessions