ALFMARCHES: End of Prologue!


So… here we are!

@Sterling_Bronze put together ‘Alfmarches’ with a bunch of other GMs, starting “officially” on April 25th, 2022. It aimed to be a living campaign, with airs of West Marches, set in Alfheim, “with an average of 5 sessions a month”, as he put it.

"A call has gone out across Alfheim. A call for adventurers. A mysterious threat to Grey, to life on Urth itself, has reared its ugly head. And while our military might is as strong as ever, this foe is an enigma beyond understanding. We require the unique, the foolhardy, the debonair, and the doomed.

Announcements are made in the University towers and Guild Halls. Whispers spread through black markets and midnight rendezvous. Word reaches every desert oasis and each mountain redoubt. The need is great. And so the heroes of Alfheim flock to the City of Grey."

Thus it began.

Since then, until today (July 10th, 2022 - 77 days), we’ve had:

  • 49 Heroes created for Alfmarches, with 43 Heroes having played in Quests!
  • 30 Quests! Yeah, in 77 days! @CLOAK even ran 2 Quests in one day once!
  • 10 Heroes fallen in Quests! RIP those Heroes…
  • 17 Tasks (downtime activities rolled on 1/day per character, optional) completed!
  • At least 3 CURSED Items acquired! (Wait, maybe shouldn’t have said that one)
  • The razing of Shipshelm by the Snow Orcs!
  • The rescue of King Henryk of Grey, completing a major plot point of Alfheim! At great cost…
  • The Shift - caused by a malefic, reality-altering Arden ritual that transformed the Greenway into Hurun, diminished Grey, reestablished Ardenmoor, and more!

And, chiefly important, SO MUCH FUN!

But now, with The Shift, there is also a shift needed in mindset for us GMs to keep the longevity of Alfmarches going, so we’re taking a small break, from today (the 10th) to the 17th. rest will be had, decisions will be made, and preparations for the future will be completed.

If you’re thinking “Damn, that sounds cool! Can I join this?” the answer is a big YES! And the Break is a perfect time to do that. Get on the Alfmarches Discord Server ( and get talking to the other players!

Some of the games were recorded too - you can check them out on two YouTube channels:

We the GMs very much appreciate everyone’s involvement in these two months and a half of “Prologue” to Alfmarches, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

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Man, oh man, this prologue has been nuts! So much fun!


I’ve only GM’d ICRPG before (and briefly), so this is my first time as a player… I may be ruining normal 1 table: 1 gm games for myself haha!

This has been a very cool experience- both in getting to play sessions with various people and GMs but also the environment that’s been created for out of session RP, interaction, planning, etc. If you’re interested and want a player’s perspective or have any questions please let me know!

Looking forward to the next “chapter” of this living world that’s been created. Big Props to the GMs and fellow players!


This is EASILY the most fun I’ve ever had playing in an RPG campaign. Fantastic community, very talented GMs and storylines decided by the outcomes of the players adventures!

Thank you to all the GMs and Players for making this a great experience. The break is well deserved and I for one can wait to see where this goes next! I do hope more folks join us as either GMs or Players to get mixed up in all this fun content after the break!



Just chiming in to say Alfmarches has been a wild ride and a ton of fun so far! We just wrapped up the prologue and with our week-long break coming to an end TOMORROW, it’s the perfect time to jump in!


I’ve so enjoyed watching(or at least listening to) the recorded games. They really help me through some dull worknights. I can’t wait to see more!