Alfheim Sandbox PbP (Premium with Pro GM)



The Age of Kingdoms, a complex weave of dense and sparse magic, struggle and thriving, swords and sorcery! Learn to play the fun and easy “Index Card RPG” at your own pace, with play by post! Gain power, status, and wealth in the world of Alheim-Bound. Some LOOT is tradeable, others serve as progress Milestones, Blessings from patrons, and even followers and property. Build the mightiest keep in the land and defend it from hostile forces, or uncover lost artifacts as you travel to other realms. Adventure alone or in groups through this sandbox-style adventure into the dangerous terrain of Alfheim’s varied cities and wilderness.

Just a Few Hooks
-The Mages of Mirrorway College have recruited students from around the world to their mysterious new college, perhaps you’ve joined as a student or apprentice. The college will also need retainers and healers to serve them in their traveling classrooms!
-An Uprising on the Aphos, Island respite of the Elves, has caused a great divide in the fractious people. Will you fight to maintain the established order or liberate dangerous freedom fighters from their oppressive government?
-The King of Alfheim’s biggest Metropolitan-Fortress has gone missing, the regent is gathering crown loyalist, while a faction of nobles seeks to carve up the kingdom for themselves. There are even rumors of rebels who seek to demolish the nobility completely. Will you bring the wicked to heel or take advantage of the scheming yourself!
-The mysterious region of Xenos has experienced a remarkable event, PEOPLE falling from the SKY in bright beams of light, claiming to be from some place called…Earth? Isekai characters now available!

Social Anxiety? Not comfortable under the all-seeing eye on the camera? no problem! text and/or voice-only play options encouraged!

Session includes:
a week’s access to Obsidian Portals Forum and Wiki
Players admitted daily, contact the GM for fast access
Play when you want, Play by Post lets you control the speed of the game and play on your schedule
Each session is a week long, sign up for consecutive sessions to keep the fun going
No post minimum or limit, with Pro Gm the response is guaranteed and you can message, text, or email at any time to ask for updates.
Solo, Duo, or Party Crawl through dungeons, cities, or wilderness
Don’t like to crawl? no problem the world is expansive and handles multiple parties and play styles with ease
Everything you need to play for one low price.
GM verified by Start Playing Games, the most trusted name in the Professional GM market. Transactions occur exclusively through Start Playing, no need to worry if the Gm will split with your money!

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Please be aware that themes in this game may include mind-influencing magic, drugs, addiction, human sacrifice, fantastical or non-fantastical racism/ prejudice, prostitution, violence, robbery, torture, and murder.

Game themes do not include non-consensual sex or sex with minors. It is not possible to know what real-life experiences other players or audience members have suffered, so you must avoid even off-handed references to either of these two subjects in play to ensure that you do not adversely affect any of your fellow players.

Professional Game Master Mike of Dale is not in any way officially affiliated with ICRPG and this ad should not be taken as endorsement by Runehammer Games or its subsidiaries.


how do we sign up? Our first mission must be to destroy this so-called ‘college’ :stuck_out_tongue:


“The Nemedian Raiders will not allow the scourge of these heretical mages to spread!”

I’m in.


You can follow the “start playing” link "Professional Game Master- Mike of Dale| Start Playing to my GM profile.

Of follow this one directly to this one!


hm no seats filled yet. Does this model have strong draw?
Folks run pbp all the time just for enjoyment on the runehammer and other servers… I’m a bit confuddled.
All I know is the the Nemedians ride against these new, perfumed ‘magic users’ ! :stuck_out_tongue:


also your quickstart link is outdated :slight_smile: