Alfheim Gods?


Wondering if there was a premise pantheon of Gods for use with the setting. I know there is one for Sett but curious if I missed it in one of the books or a list somewhere. Thanks all, been a big fan of ICRPG for a while but just joined the community.


There isn’t any that I know of. They mention gods, deities and cosmic horrors (Yog-sototh) but I think they have been left intentionally vague.


Now that you mention it, I’m really glad ICRPG does not include this trope. I think it’s better to be left up to a home brew campaign than a setting. Mainly because it’s in so many other games, especially the most popular ones. So if ICRPG has it too, it would feel forced and rehashed.

Imo we’re better off to be able to add it if we want than to have to ignore it if we don’t.


I’m just chiming in to say, “Welcome to the community!”


Welcome, dude!
There’s a few benevolent Gods mentioned by name with the Priest class in the Core book, and a few malicious Gods mentioned in other spots. But like others have said it’s left a bit vague with the spirit of DIY in mind. Populate your pantheons with any Gods you find awesome and have fun with it. :metal:


Welcome!!! I don’t think there is an ‘official’ list, but I can’t wait to hear what you come up with! Let your imagination run wild!


On another note to show the openness of pantheons: I play a Monk/Priest type character in a Warpshell campaign that doesn’t acknowledge any Gods at all. Instead he draws his divinity from the Balance of the Universe as a whole. When he channels that magical essence it’s to the cry of “the Universe provides.” When a spell fails it’s the Will of the Universe maintaining a balance, but the same goes for when a spell succeeds.

This is my character Bindi in the Warpshell Dragon campaign on Roll For Effort.


Welcome to the fold dude!

Pantheons are up to you. You can rip off gods from any setting that you know and like if you want to.