Age of Snake Men and Age of the Falcon


I was just curious. According to the ICRPG 2E book that I’m currently reading, (I’m new to the awesomeness that is ICRPG) There are two previous ages. One of which, according to Dave Thaumavore’s Age of Snakes is the first AoS 1000 years ago, and his is the second, 150 years into the future from the current timeline. What is the Age of the Falcon and when did it take place? Also, is Blood and Snow the beginning of Urth history? Did the Greys (Sneaky Gits) actually plant the seed of life for the races of Urth?

Like I said, I’m new. So, if I got anything wrong then let the correction spells fly!


The beauty of ICRPG is you can’t really get it wrong! (Welcome by the way :smile: )

I always imagined the Age of the Falcon be a very kingly age where control of the land and kingdom passed from one noble to the next. Political wars. Etc. that eventually shaped Alfheim to the different kingdoms we see today.

But your ideas would all make wonderful seeds and truths for your game if you end up pursuing them.

Dave Thaumavore’s Age of Snake, I believe, was based off his own games and campaigns so they really can be whatever you want.


Age of Snakes builds on a campaign I ran for Dave, Joe, Hank, Jason, and Matt back in the day called Omens of Sett. I think you can watch the old episodes on the Roll for Effort channel archive. In any event, I wanted to explore snake men and their hold on Kath. The premise was that they had risen up after years of exile to resurrect their god, Sett.

I took a lot of liberties with Hank’s fiction in that campaign. I killed off King Henryk, Elisa of Englemoor, and Liette of Hal, all heroes from the original Worlds book. Hank himself set off a colossal magic bomb with his wizard, Anaxamon, and destroyed all of Ynsmuth. Our thought is that the whole town is now just a cliff with a waterfall where it all used to be. Suffice it to say, I bent, twisted, and ran rampant through all of Hank’s creations, sometimes to his horror. Lol. The point here is that none of that is canon, although even Hank took some inspiration from that campaign, as now the new worlds entries in Master Edition begins with “King Henryk is missing.” Ooops. I did that. Lol.

As for Dave, he also seemed to really love that campaign with snake men as the main adversary. He envisioned sort of a third coming of them in Age of Snakes. It’s wicked cool and super flattering he would take my campaign and build on it. That being said, none of that is canon, either.

As @KaneDriscol pointed out, ICRPG is what you make of it. I certainly pushed Worlds to an 11. Then I turned around and did it again with a campaign with Hank, Kelsey, and Joe in the north holds with a huge focus on the elf uprising. And I tied all that to Hank’s ultimate evil dragon, Durathrax. But don’t follow my path or take on events. Or Dave’s. Or anyone else’s. Make it your own!!