Again with Reality Bending Craziness? How to Build & Run Dreams!



Hey folks!

Another video on the topic of perceptual distortions that the GM can induce is done! This one is about running DREAMS!

It is a breakdown of a bunch of techniques for understanding and building different types of dreams. System agnostic of course!

It builds on top of the video about Visions, defining dreams as longer visions that provide player agency.

Also, there is a short dream, an example “movie”, for inspiration at the end…quality is abysmal…but I had no idea what I was doing…still, it was super fun making it!

I think all of you homebrewing deep thinkers and hackers will find this whole playlist very interesting! If you watch it and have some feedback or your own stories about running dreams I would love to hear it all!

Here is the vid:


Another great one, man!