Advice for custom GM screen


Hey :slight_smile: I’m making a custom 3-part GM screen for ICRPG. I haven’t played that much with the system and I’m starting a campaign soon, so I’d love some advice from the community on what would be useful things to put in the GM screen!


There are already a few cheat sheets on the forums, but frankly the game is simple enough not to need any of it. I would recommend instead adding your homebrew rules to your custom GM screen! :smiley:


The rules in general are simple, yes! What I currently have so far is the character types abilities so I can easily reference them in the screen. The 2nd screen I’m planning to either add the basic loot and/or spells, but I don’t know about that one yet.

Having easy reference to abilities, items and spells has been great for other systems and games I’ve played so I was looking to do something similar here!

Now the 3rd page I was looking more for GM-oriented content. Maybe a short form of DEW, or the 3 Ts to remind me to play with these ideas while playing, but those aren’t nearly enough to make use of a full page!


The prices in ICRPG WORLDS then, perhaps?