Adapting Scum & Villainy DT system for ICRPG


I’m currently working on a way to adapt the Scum & Villainy downtime system to use with our ICRPG Midderlands fantasy game (using the Alfheim bio-forms and additional rules), this is the first of a two-part discussion with Johannes Paavola as we discuss our ideas.


Hey, I recognised your name. I recently was trying to understand fate and watched your whole playlist on it. Good work. Really informative. And I just seen you are playing scum and villainy, a game that has me a little intrigued so I’ll watch that soon.


Hi, glad you enjoyed the Fate videos, seems like a long time ago I recorded them but I’m glad people are still finding them useful :slight_smile:

I have mostly been playing OSR games recently (including my Midderlands game) but–after running a clichéd fantasy one-shot using ICRPG I spoke to the players and we decided to switch to ICRPG; that said I love PBTA games and in particularly have been enjoying the downtime/mission system. Given that the characters in my Midderlands games are starting up a fantasy detective agency it seemed a natural fit, and the mechanics seemed to dovetail nicely with ICRPG :slight_smile: