Adapting Scum & Villainy DT system for ICRPG


I’m currently working on a way to adapt the Scum & Villainy downtime system to use with our ICRPG Midderlands fantasy game (using the Alfheim bio-forms and additional rules), this is the first of a two-part discussion with Johannes Paavola as we discuss our ideas.


Hey, I recognised your name. I recently was trying to understand fate and watched your whole playlist on it. Good work. Really informative. And I just seen you are playing scum and villainy, a game that has me a little intrigued so I’ll watch that soon.


Hi, glad you enjoyed the Fate videos, seems like a long time ago I recorded them but I’m glad people are still finding them useful :slight_smile:

I have mostly been playing OSR games recently (including my Midderlands game) but–after running a clichéd fantasy one-shot using ICRPG I spoke to the players and we decided to switch to ICRPG; that said I love PBTA games and in particularly have been enjoying the downtime/mission system. Given that the characters in my Midderlands games are starting up a fantasy detective agency it seemed a natural fit, and the mechanics seemed to dovetail nicely with ICRPG :slight_smile:


I suppose this is the second part, no?

@RedDiceDiaries did you tried it yet in your Midderlands campaign and did it work out as expected? (EDIT: clarified question)


Also, to see if I understood completely after listening to both podcasts, the idea for HEAT is that:

  1. Based on how the mission went, and negative exposure, you roll for heat, either D4, D6, … up to D12 if it went catastrophically bad like killed guild leader.

  2. If it reaches 10 you get a WANTED heart with that FACTION.

  3. Then you use the tables for possible ENTANGLEMENTS corresponding to the new updated WANTED heart rating and resolve it. Basically you deal with the consequences before you can clean it up.

  4. Finally you actually get the DOWNTIME activities. Here the party can each do their thing, but in particular, one option for each character is to do something to clear a lower HEAT rating by putting EFFORT to clear the WANTED hearts. The face spreading good news (CHA), the bulky one giving a and somewhere (CON).

EDIT: whoops, failed to notice you have another post with a link for the rules created and example playthrough -> Downtime System I'm Using for ICRPG


Yes that’s the second part, it’s working okay at the moment although the mission system does make the game very focused so I’m currently tweaking how closely we adhere to that.


Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good handle on how the proposed system is going to work :grin::+1:


Listened to that podcast while shopping. Good stuff. Especially like the moment you realised… Hearts were clocks! Lol