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This category is for discussing DM Scotty’s RPG masterpiece, EZD6!


I love it. You should get it…Wink


I did and I’m loving it. Thanks for all the hard work, I really look forward to using this system. We have been looking for a system to play while around the fire on camping trips and with less dice and a narrative focused play style I think this might be the ticket!


Perfect for portable play.


I also want to use it for portable play. We like to play RPGs on long car trips. I was using roll for shoes but wanted something more. So I then found risus but it didn’t feel like a good fit. I also saw tiny d6 but I haven’t really dove into it. We also have played hero kids which is also a great portable option I think. But ezd6 seem awesome!

I have a question however. Is there a gm screen or reference sheet out there for the game master?


Just got the hardback yesterday, read it twice cover to cover well into the early morning. Fantastic work! However, I am blaming @DM_Scotty and @Runehammer for my falling asleep in my meetings today! lol


There is a rules reference near the end of the book.


@DM_Scotty would love to join your discord. Loving the simplicity of the system and hope to run a quick one shot this weekend.


Thanks. Yea I have read the while thing now. I printed out just that part and made a booklet of it. It’s very helofull.


After not hanging out in this forum in ages (stepped back from the hobby for a while) your game @DM_Scotty brought me back. What a simple and elegant system. Mayhem indeed!


I’ve just started reading EZD6, loving it so far!! I’ve heard tell of a EZD6 discord, could someone link me to it please