A wizards' school World Setting, available now!


Well, I wasn’t going to promote this one as I’m self-conscious about my own work, but after playing with my family, they persuaded me to LOL. This started as a passion project to create a magical world setting for my family to play in, as my kids began falling in love with a certain wizarding movie series.

You can read the description to see what is all included, but I’m personally proud of creating a separate Student Handbook that can be printed and given to the players. After having all of my own purchases sent off and printed by a company, I’ve become a fan of medium sized physical books so this was designed in a 6x9 format.

My family and I are enjoying this greatly and I hope some of you will too!

Welcome to Phineas’ School of Fascinous!


Oooh boy! Each one of your releases is getting better and better. That cover looks great and the setting sounds awesome. Definitely going to pick this up!


Haha, I don’t know about better and better, but I’m trying at least! And thanks for the compliments man!


Congrats on wrapping up this project and getting it out there! Nice work!


pdf fillable pc sheet?


Not at the moment but I can work on one. I’ve never actually tried that before.


I learn better by seeing a video. is that in the future?


Probably not, I’m not sure I have the setup for that anyways. Rule-wise, it plays very similar to any ICRPG fantasy setting though. Main difference is imagining it all taking place as student wizards in a school setting.


I am loving reading through this. The wands all look rad as hell (you’ve made me want to make a few real life ones) and their effects are varied and fun! I am also really into the Glyph Artist as it seems like there would be a lot of fun potential with that. I can’t wait to dig in further, but so far I am really digging this.

EDIT: The Companion is BRILLIANT. My students are always asking for pets and this is by far the simplest and most easy way to use them! You rock.


Haha thanks so much for the motivating words! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Yes the Glyphs can be fun, my son started playing with it and we customized his spells so that he could spend a couple turns outside of battle drawing the glyphs on his body with ink and then cast them during the action. I very much encourage people to get creative, just like any magic book would!

Edit: the companions have been fun, they started as just a hero coin, but we decided they needed some possible abilities and simple commands as we played. They shouldn’t add too much turn time but should be able to assist the students when they’re in a tight spot. Thanks again!


Can’t wait to sink my teeth in!


Why is it when I try to copy & paste an statement from your book? It comes out funny & not look like words? example:


Woah, I’m not sure! I don’t know the most about files especially editing pdfs. I’ll try to look it up and see if I can figure something out though. Thanks for the heads up.


Using the site called BLURB, I ordered some physical copies of my game. I went with a hardcover for the GM book and a soft cover for the Student Handbook. Overall, I’m impressed with the quality vs. price. I’ve used them in the past, but not for hard cover and I usually just choose economy paper. Here are some pictures which also give some more insight to what’s inside. Thanks for reading!


That looks great! I’ve got to get time to sit down with this and get it to the table.


Just purchased and so far it’s amazing!
I was wondering, are there no potion recipes listed? And if you’re making a potion, is it any random 3 ingredients from the list or do specific ingredients work for certain potions?

Thanks for this awesome setting!


@Meldon, glad you like it! That means a lot to me! No I did not list any actual recipes. I typically play it loose and just say my players acquire half of a “fire breathing potion” but still need the second half to complete it, for example. I also allow any combination of ingredients bc I also don’t make them the easiest to acquire. However, if it were me and I was making it play that way, I’d read through the ingredients and just choose 3 that seem like they’d work together or even let my players say “hey I have this, this, and this ingredient, can I make ‘x’ potion?” And if the listed effects make sense then I’d say yea!!

I hope that helps and I hope you keep enjoying the setting!!


Did you fix the PDF?


@TYMONGER, unfortunately no. I’ve had multiple sources take a look at it and can’t figure out what caused it. I’ve even made a brand new supplement since then and used same programs, etc. along the way, and it turned out fine. There’s the possibility that if I ever create a 2E for it, I’ll design it from scratch but starting over is the only solution we’ve found yet. It’s a strange deal.