A Ghost Mountain Supplement (coming soon)


You have probably seen some of my free stuff floating around the forums, but this is my first official stab at using drivethrurpg.com to put out some new content. I’m finally getting close to finishing “The Road to Salvation”, a Ghost Mountain supplement that will expand the world even further. Below you will find the cover page and a low-res image of some sneak peeks from within the book. When I am finished, I’ll let you all know and I sincerely hope that some of you will pick it up and find enjoyment in it!


Whoa! I’ve got a friend who loves Western games, and when this comes out I think we’ll both grab it. Keep us posted! :smiley:


Sure will! I’m really pushing hard to get it finished.


This looks spectacular. It inspires me to play some Ghost Mountain!


Looks badass so far, my dude. You’ve got my ducats when it drops. :metal:


Looking good there brother!


Awesome, can’t wait to get me a copy. I’m finally gonna be starting up ghost mountain in the next few months as my current super long campaign is finally coming to a close. Perfect timing Kindred!


It’s not my favorite setting but it’s definitely gonna fit with my Firefly/Old West-with-Satan planet I have planned for my Warp Shell campaign! So I’ll definitely want that!


That looks amazing.

I cant wait to get my hands on it


Should be soon, just waiting on DriveThruRPG to verify everything!