A bit of satire


For a laugh…:laughing:


Got a decent chuckle out of me. But for southerners and midwesterners this would not have been satire in the 80s.


As a Magnus, I approve of Dillon’s new name of choice.


it wasn’t for me either, at the time, in the northeast. This satire stems from actual comments someone made just last week!


The horrible thing is that people still believe these things to that extreme about D&D.

I live in Oklahoma On the Bible belt, so I know.

In reality, they are the ones who have been brainwashed by the game.


This isn’t all that funny for me.

When I started playing D&D in junior high (1993), the school principal called my parents and told them it was evil. I’m still a little hesitant to advertise that I’m playing D&D in my small town; ICRPG or Savage Worlds just don’t have the same baggage attached to the name.


Jikes, that is crazy stuff!


@Levi I’m sorry that this offended you. The idea was to satirize this ridiculous mindset & belief of the hobby, the games we play, the great creative tool that fuels our imaginations. My mother “implored” my children not to play these games because it was “evil” and would lead to them “living in a fantasy world” …I write fiction for a living. I pay my bills & mortgage through, essentially, living in fantasy worlds. This was a response to her and everyone like her…and it sounds like you’ve experienced that response


Haha, no worries about offending me!

This kind of ignorance (i.e. D&D = devil worship) is something that I still have to deal with somewhat. It sounds like you do too, unfortunately.


People are silly, we each have silly beliefs, that we don’t think are silly at all. It’s when people try to force their beliefs on others that things go sideways.

Gamers in the mid 90s where stupidly anti-Christian as a direct result of many high profile Christians, claiming we where playing with dark forces and other silliness. On the flip side many Christian where made fun of, or had their beliefs challenged at the game table. Even though they did not share the opinion we where messing with dark forces.

I was guilty of that in my own fashion, and while I don’t regret it, as I was a bit more tasteful, it did not help for a person who just wants to escape their day to day for a few hours. It was entertainment for me, and drudgery for them. My not realizing it makes me a bit ashamed.

Now, real life, sex, politics and religion are things I don’t want at my table. I’m ok during meal break, if someone wants to ask for a blessing of their food, or mention the new romantic interest in their lives… but that’s as far as I like it to go.

In my game world…there will be zealots, but not drawn from current reality and I try really hard to not present them as an example of past things.


If it weren’t for the “satanic panic” of the early 80’s, I probably wouldn’t have even heard of or played D&D. The FUD caused by it back then was what drew us to it and made us fascinated with wanting to play it and see what it was all about. They’re fear increased sales for TSR! :smile:


I quit playing D&D in the late 80’s because of the Satanic panic. D&D still has a stigma about it to fundamentalist Christians.