100 Warp Shell Plot hooks!



Hey everyone!

I thought it might be fun to do a communal list of plot hooks for the Warp Shell to serve as inspiration. My thoughts were all of us could contribute a few plot hooks, with the goal being to reach 100 plot hooks.

This hooks should only be 1-3 sentences and stir the mind, and plant the seeds of an idea/ adventure.

I can get the ball rolling!

1.) A MASSIVE sea creature has been terrorizing floating villages on the water planet, Iphus. Rent a submarine and explore the deep in search of the elusive monsters.

2.) To gain access to critical new technology, your party must win a modern gladiatorial contest/ reality show streamed to thousands of people. Seven teams are dropped on a savage and untamed moon with nothing except pistols and frugal clothes; only one team will leave alive, craft traps, make a base, and negotiate alliances.


  1. Your Warp Shell has been hunted by a bigger, stronger rival Warp Shell for decades. The rival Warp Shell contains a crew that wants what it wants: to destroy your Warp Shell and its crew. The rivalry culminates in a monumental final clash between the Shells and their crews.

  1. A massive Xill world engine appears on a collision course with a black hole. There are no life signs aboard the ship. You have three days to navigate the superstructure and redirect it away from the black hole, or at least to salvage what you can and escape - but it turns out the engine isn’t completely empty after all.

  2. A mysterious structure appears in orbit above a Yrin world, pointing ominously downward as energy readings from the object continuously grow. Every weapon sent at the object appears to have its energy absorbed entirely. You are sent to attempt to board the structure and find a way to disable it.

  3. A forgotten Zurin text is discovered that seems to hint at an ancient device which once sent the Devourer packing for 1000 years. As luck would have it, the text indicates exactly where the device was located - an ancient temple, long abandoned. When you hasten to the temple to find the device you discover you are not the first ones here.

  1. You jump to what seems like a scrambled distress beacon… but your ship arrives only a few kilometers from the event horizon of a wandering Supermassive Black-Hole swarmed by orbiting debris! Time dilation means that it’ll take you decades to reach your only hope of escape - a teleportation gate at the edge of your radar. You can spend most of your time in makeshift cryopods but will have to wake up every few years to fight off strange enemies from all over time and space!

  2. Each ton of the Beddynian Death Virus micro-vaccine can be used to save almost a million life-forms - you have 50 tonnes of the stuff in your cargo. The only problem is that the people that need it are behind 3 high-security Imperium checkpoints: the systemwide warpscan grid, the colossal planetary quarantine shield, and finally the Imperial Army Blockade. How much micro-vac will you dump to save space? How much will you give up as a bribe? How many lives will you give up to complete your mission?

  1. A bounty hunter asks your help in locating a wanted fugitive. You know the fugitive - and where to find them - but they would never commit the crimes they’re accused of… or would they?

  2. After several search and rescue missions, you notice the warp shell keeps sending you to save very rich, very shady people. They are always dropped off at the same star base….

  3. Your services are in high demand. Very high. In fact, you’re coming with us. Now.

  1. A Xill worm the size of a moon has made its way to the planet your warpshell is stranded on. Will your crew be able to make it off the planet before the worm bores it’s way to the core?


13: The Imperium has changed its tune. It fights for good, and needs new captains to lead the new order. You’re on a very short list.

14: The Xevosians have recalled all WARP SHELLS, realizing that in many timelines the sentient ships turn against their tortuous masters. Will you aid in the destruction of the oldest known civilization, or work to diffuse the crisis?


Oh WOW! That is just. OMG

  1. During a particularly nasty mission between 2 Darkstars, your Warp Shell is now “brain dead”. It’s last act before going dark was to jump you to a Psyker prison planet. But Why?


Here’s an old list of locations from the end of 2017 that I posted in the G+ community, if anyone wants to pair those with quest hooks!


16.A parasitic presence has taken root and seek to end one of our crew, shrink down and fight it off without creating a wide spread pandemic!
17.Is this real life or another simulation all you know is you’ve fought this fight before and have to do it again, failure only results in going back to the start.
18.Your crew is a hive mind/ pure seek out and assimilate all who are unlike you.
20.The Galaxy is dotted with these strange portals that constantly change destinations your apart of a group of adventures or portal hichhikers good luck and safe travels