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I’m not seeing the pin. Maybe because I’m viewing on mobile?

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Ezzerharden’s Happy Place


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I’m not seeing the pin. Maybe because I’m viewing on mobile?
Or is that a private pin…

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Game On


Very cool! I might put my session notes on here from my latest game. The first event recorded on the RuneMapper.


Awesome that’d be great - I’m gonna wrap up map switching so that’s tidy, and add the Ghost Mountain map if I can find it (@RUNEHAMMER_OPS @Runehammer is this all ok??)

Then I think we’re at version 1.0… so it might make sense to start a clean thread with all the Alfheim posts in one thread all together, Warp shell on another etc etc. does that make sense?



The Pyt

Since ancient times, various tribes or cults have watched over the Pyt as a deity. Wrongfully so, since the Pyt is a nightmare that can take shape anywhere, any time as the coalesced vileness of a given group. We’re lucky it has remained in that area for so long…

Treats, threats, and timers

  • The vibrations of the fleshy walls can toss unprepared climbers off into the maw. Falling down the Pyt is deadly.
  • Stuck between the teeth can (at 10% chance at the beginning of the GM’s turn) be sharp objects that other climbers have used to try to hold on.

One of many things can happen at the exhaustion of a timer:

  1. A couple of Pyt worshippers find your party in this place and will attempt to push you down into the Pyt.
  2. The entity has the equivalent of an acid reflux. Climbers caught in it take 2D6 acid damage and could be dragged down further, isolated and tenderized…
  3. The Ivory Beetles grow agitated for some reason…
  4. The saliva in the maw dries out momentarily, probably because of the sun; climbers get +3 to their climb checks inside the Pyt.


Ivory Beetles :heart:
Tags: Rock-hard shell, heavy, juicy nourishment
This variety of giant beetles skitter around the teeth of the Pyt to feed off of the dead flesh around them. Their job might be to clean the inside of the maw, but they will not hesitate to attack mortals in the area who look weak.
To feed, they pinch their mighty mandibles over the skin of their victim before running away, ripping off a shred of flesh in the act. +2 To-Hit and deals 1D4 bleeding damage.
Bruterox :heart::heart:
Tags: Berserk, Savage, Unmaker
Personality: he revels in pleasure but could be appealed to join a greater carnage.
A red-skinned humanoid with bulging muscles, he wields both a whip and a mace. His legs are those of a goat. He has a hatred of holy symbols and can sometime spend a bit too long trying to destroy those in his sight.
Bruterox’ To-Hit modifier is +5 and he deals 1D6+2 with his weapons and his bulbous body.
Harsherax :heart::heart:
Tags: Mobile, Mocking, Murderer
Personality: she enjoys the suffering of others and listens to the mean-spirited.
Another infernal inhabitant who serves her masters in Alfheim. Her hooves are on fire and she takes great pride in her speed. To make matters worse; she is invisible in the darkness and is a psychic.
She will either kick down opponents for 1D8 hellfire damage and then run on them (1D4 hellfire damage) as she taunt them (1D4 psychic damage) or lash her whip to displace opponents. Her To-Hit modifier is +4 and her whip deals 1D6+1 bludgeoning damage.
Golem of acid and carcasses :heart::heart::heart:
Tags: Formless and Empty
At the beginning of your GM turn, play out the warlord’s action. And at the end of your GM turn, play out telegraph to your players the warlord’s next action. This should allow you to play to the strength of Harsherax’ ability to displace opponents. He has no To-Hit modifier to any of his attack, using his mass, but the liquid cascading all over him always deal 2D6 acid damage.


Holy dagger of Taranatar :heart:
Tags: Durable, Fast, Near
Taranatar is the deity of fraternity & fortifications. As such, his clerics and paladins are the toughest around. The same can be said for their equipment; in addition to requiring a critical hit to be destroyed, this dagger makes checks easy against devils & demons and deals ultimate effort to them!
Shard of obsidian :heart:
Tags: Concealed, Near, Ragged
Not a weapon, but an off-hand item. The character holding this shard is undetectable to psychic senses and dealt 3 less psychic damage. The character also gains an additional Hit point when he makes a Recovery check.
Terrible :heart::heart::heart:
Tags: Nasty, Unblockable, Siege
The two-handed sword of an ancient warlord. This warlord was thrown down the Pyt during a mutiny. At noon, everyday, the magical blade covers herself in oil: the handler can then ignite the blade with the password:“Flammibrir”. Damage dealt during the short time that it is flaming is 1D10 plus the handler’s Charisma.

What is at the bottom of the Pyt?

A golem of acid and carcasses under the possession of Terrible’s owner from back in the day. Tormented and enraged by two whip-wielding Demons, Brutarox & Harsherax, he seeks freedom at all cost. Motivated to obtain glory as before, the warlord might be convinced to help your players kill his own Demons if it gets him what he wants. However, the players would have to appeal to his ancient sense of honor to truly convince him…

Roll fun! :vulcan_salute:


Thanks @BlazingPolyhedron looks great. I’ve added a fix for when the number of posts goes past 35.


Most appreciated! :smiley:
Keep up the great work!


Can this be a feature added to the runehammer vtt for a GM’s own maps and campaign?


Yeah, that’s totally possible - happy to be open-source etc. but from reading the VTT updates I think the plan there was to leave it unchanged. I can see how having notes and maps in the DM only perspective that players don’t see could be useful though.