New ICRPG Group Wanted 4/22/19 6:30 p.m Pacific time


Hello World. I’m a beginner DM and would like to run and play ICRPG with a group.

I’d like to have a session zero this Monday to kind of get a feel for the group. If this time doesn’t work for you please let me know. Because of school and work I am limited to Mondays and Fridays at 6:30pm. Sorry for the time constraint.

Please let me know if you’re interested!


Huzzah Immortal sibling!
Glad to see more and more wanna run those sweet games.
There are alot of players urging to play so I suggest you just set a date (can be done in the post itself if you choose the Looking For Group thread) and pitch your idea and the build parameters. People are Bound to show up :metal::heart_eyes::grin::handshake::beers:


Awesome! Welcome.

I’d love to get involved with something consistent but my work schedule prevents a set day/time (I work 2 days straight, then 4 days off). But i’m down for a one shot.


I’m new as well, and I’d be interested in playing. If you do a Monday, that time works great for me.


Sure thing! I can start as early as 6:30pm. Thank You


Time, as usual, permitting, I’m interested!

Might I suggest a session 0 to meet, greet, roll up toons, and discuss any house rules ? Then session 1, or subsequent one-shots, may go a bit smoother and other players can easily introduce any drop-ins for the sesh.

Also, maybe see if any other players would mind being alternate GMs? In case you cant make, the group can keep on keepin on. This especially works for one-shots, or mission based sessions.


Sure thing thank You for the advice!


That works, or later as well. I’m on Central time but later evening works better for me. So starting at 6:30 or 7:00 PST is great for me as long as we don’t go longer than around 3 hours or so.


Yeah, under 3hr quickies suits me just fine.


Alright cool. That’ll be perfect. So this Monday will be session zero? and then the following Monday the 29th we do the one shot?


That sounds great to me.


OMG fear of commitment triggered!!


me too but we’ll see how it goes!:joy:


Sooooo…guess what? Boss is coming in to town on Monday. That means I have to entertain, thus won’t be available this Monday. This just happened like 15 minutes ago. Damn you Murphy’s Law…damn you.


:joy: lol don’t sweat it