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I thought if you didn’t have the skill, you couldn’t use it. So no “base of 6” for missing skills… Totally defeats the idea of buying skills in lieu of just having a base 6 in everything…

My thought is “base of 6” was only for things a “normal person” could do


I think about Evade as when Neo dodges all the bullets in The Matrix. DEF is taking the hit with your shield and armor (even clothes). Resist is for area effects like poison gas, dragon fire, etc.

The thief character dodges attacks with Evade. The fighter character absorbs the same type of attack with DEF.


Base 6 Flat Roll is just a suggestion for the GM. But you are right for PCs. NPCs and Monsters do not follow the same rules as PCs, and usually do not have skills listed. So, as the GM, you have to make a ruling at the table(or before during prep) on whether or not a given NPC/Monster possesses that ‘skill’ and what their rank would be.

In this particular example though, Seth is talking about DEFENSE for the PCs, which is NOT a skill, it is a derived value that has a minimum of 6, and rises with Armor worn. However, Seth is wrong about EVADE… once a skill is crossed off due to Attrition, it is not usable until it is healed. The narrative should support this. For instance - PC has EVADE of 9 as a skill and gets hit for Flesh Attrition. The random roll comes up on the EVADE skill slot. The player narrates that the beast just bit his PCs leg so hard it fractured, and now the character is not able to EVADE or move quickly as a result. Narrative leads to the skill being crossed off.


One more question on Evade during an enemy attack:

  • Defense is not a “skill” and thus it is “passive” and occurs during combat when an enemy attacks PCs
  • if Evade is used instead during an enemy attack: is this a “reaction” or additional action? can a PC only Evade on their phase? do “reactions” use up the PC’s action for that round, what if the PC already acted in an earlier phase ?

thank you so much in advance - sorry if this was answered elsewhere and I missed it


Defense is for standard attacks and Evade is for things you can’t defend. If they used the Evade skill, this could be ruled by the GM to allow or disallow.

If they allow the use of this skill, keep in mind that getting hit with Attrition can render that skill crossed off and unable to use. If the character did not have any other protection, welp… He has Def 6 left.

Otherwise, the GM could say that Def is there already for standard attacks.


Thanks spicy

So if a PC uses Evade (in response to enemy attack), but they already acted in an earlier phase is this a second action?


An evade roll or defense roll is a response to an attack or environmental situation, so it normally does not take your action.

I would rule that they use Defense for the attack if the attack can be defended normally. If the player INSISTS to use their Evade skill instead, I’ll ask for a justification in the roleplay and I’ll let them roll Evade instead.

If they rolled Defense and failed but now want to try to Evade, I would personally say that this is what Hero Coins are for.