Let’s Talk Mechanics


I couldn’t help but notice that some of you guys are cheating by making multiple posts. Tsk tsk. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


one mechanic per post right? i see it more as a bend in the rules lol


Specifically set DC and easy hard. However the most important thing I take is scaling down numbers so you don’t have PCs with 100+ hp and dragons with 500 hp.


I think it’s the room Target Number and changing it from scene to scene simple. Everyone knows the Target Number and add Easy/Hard is so quick and memorable.


Timers. Keeps the game moving. Life is short, after all.


Yeah, Timers is another that can be used for so much. Great choice!


I’m back and forth on the movement which has solved SO MANY arguments about petty time wasting , “am I close enough” arguments or the weapons all being d6+tags. I never liked that as a Bard it would be dumb for me to use anything but a rapier just because of damage output and finesse stuff especially since im not a minmaxer…like what if I wanted a dha? or an Ax? I remember having an argument over an aesthetic weapon choice for my character at the time and found a weapon that would have similar real world functionalities and asked if I could just use the stats for the weapon but call it something else (after all this is all in our heads right?) I was told no for arbitrary reasons and it kinda put a damper on the game. So…weapons being d6 will be my choice.


As someone who runs ICRPG for his 7 and 8 year olds, it’s definitely the room-based DC and EASY/HARD modifiers. Watching these 2 young boys just “get it” and get enthralled with the game and immediately know what they’re rolling against shows why it’s brilliant.


man right!? is that ever nice! It smooths things out so well and keeps things flowing, especially as a GM.


That’s really tough, ICRPG is such a complete package. If I had to pick I might go with the room target. It really streamlines things, and it really impacts a lot of other mechanics positively.


Mine isn’t so much mechanic as it is a paradigm but I just love that I get to make any kind of character that I want. A monk that can cast lightning from his hands, do it! A swordsman that can raise a zombie to fight alongside him? Sure. A space wizard that uses a blaster and a laser sword? Why not? No worrying about classes, multi-classing, FEATS, spell schools…just make a damn character that sounds cool to you. It was so refreshing and unusual I almost felt like I was cheating or doing something wrong when I started playing.


That’s a really good way of putting it


Effort, scalable into perfect packs of 10, form-fit to the dice involved. And even more: scalable into Simple Effort in the blink of an eye.


ROOM TARGET by far, TIMER’s as a mechanic are also sooooooo helpful though. TARGET really helps moves the table much more efficiently, especially with new players and its easily modifiable with the easy/hard rules.


Favorite Spell: Chain Reaction…
So much utility here. A caster does not need “combat” or “damage spells” when utilizing this, freeing up spells chosen to include more heals, buffs, debuffs…lends greatly to a creative, outside the box thinking player.


When used in conjunction with Dragons Tooth as Starter Loot, you are a force to be reckoned with.


Although not technically a “mechanic”, I really like the ease with which you can create a new character.


ROOM TARGET would be my favorite mechanic… if AC had been dumped but instead it is a tad confusing even for me…

So I’ll go for EFFORT. It’s a really cool way to represent work being done for almost anything! And it can be used for tension or progress. So I’ll go for this!


So, the 6-point assign (no derivative stats) and pick and choose starting loot?


Exactly … It seems that in other systems you either use a pre-gen or spend significant amounts of time in the rulebook to figure out how to create a custom character.