ICRPG/5E Hybrid



What kind of weapon tags do you use?


Its in the rules doc now at the last page. Very close to 5e. Nothing too fancy. Just stuff to make weapons feel different.


I love that the cleric is charisma based. Also love that the bard is a rogue archetype.


Ya, Charisma fits more if you are beseeching your God for aid, IMO.

Fun fact: one of the definitions of Charisma is “divinely conferred talent.”


What I love about the dice system in ICRPG is that it is more simple AND it better represents reality. A knife and a sword should both do 1d6 because a knife, when properly used, is just as deadly as any weapon.


Theres pros and cons to everything. While it is more simple, it definately does NOT represent reality. Part of me likes the deadly knife idea (hence why I kept that notion) but a different part of me knows that any man that takes a knife to a sword fight will be cut down faster than he could blink because the difference in reach of those weapons (and the superior hand protection of a proper sword). This is why the rapier was such a fantastic dueling weapon and why things like handguards were put on swords.

Still, end of the day, this is a fantasy game. If people want to be Knifey McStabStab, then, hey let them I say.


Even in that scenario, if the knife attacker successfully “hit” (stabbed, slashed), it would still hurt them pretty bad. But I see what you mean. I don’t think D&D can ever fully represent reality. And it’s just a matter of preference on how closely you want to simulate reality. Personally, I like a little less simulation, because I don’t feel like I can focus on nitty gritty details while DMing


Ogres and Oubliettes huh? :wink::unicorn: