Zones and slower character


This is a quick question.

During an encounter with Zones movement, how could I manage the movement of a character that is slower than the others, without making his rounds frustrating? (heavy armoured/equipped, wounded, etc.)

If they take a full round to move, they might end up being very bored/frustrated spending all they combat moving. On the other hand, I would like to not let them go with an easy feeling of being fast as anyone else.
Did anyone get across this problem before?


I would personally not bother with faster/slower characters but perhaps there could be a penalty to their actions when they reach the new zone? For example if they move NEAR and want to take an ACTION, that action is HARD?

But balance it by giving them a bonus if they stay in the same zone. Perhaps a buff to defense or attacks?


Whats the relationship between zones and the reason that they have to be two separate zones instead of one big zone? For instance, if they’re just across the room from each other and the spacing is at least significant enough to separate them, then there’s nothing particularly challenging about moving between them, so there’s nothing that penalizes the slower character. However, if there’s like a 5 foot gap between that requires a running start to leap over, the quicker guy might make it on an EASY attempt where as the slower guy would have to make a HARD attempt to jump the same gap.


Two thoughts: I think this is a place where time needs to be thought of as more fluid and less rigid.

Or that characters who are fast can move more zones. Think of the zone as the minimum, or slowest, movement rate per turn. Those who are running or fast have the option to move more zones, but no one moves less for being slow. The standard is slow; there is reward for being fast.