Zombies ICRPG


I put this together a while back when someone started a conversation about it.

I kind of went nuts on it. I found all of the zombie dudes online and borrowed them.

I wrote up and built some print and play stuff. Check it out. if you like. Borrow it anything you like. There is so much good stuff when you search this forum for ideas.


What I truly love about Index Card RPG is its adaptability. If you can think of it you can build it.


Conversion Blues
Setting Guides

You’re awesome! :fist_right:


Very well put together. I’ll probably use this as an introduction to role playing type game.

Thanks for sharing.


Check out the Chef, cooking up something good! Tasty brains! Thanks.


Hey that’s a good one! Thanks.


This is sooooo awesome! Definitely a must-have for any zombie game!


Thanks. I can’t take all of the credit. This community is awesome.


Well done man… Well done.


This is really awesome, and timely too as a buddy of mine was working on putting together a zombie game. Keep being awesome!


Thank very much love the character sheet!


Wow! That’s awesome!! You are definitely my hero. :herocoin:


Most excellent, dude! You’re always cookin up some good stuff, guess that’s why you’re The Chef!