Year Zero Engine XDZ Homebrew Sheet



Hacked OG sheet for use with a version of the YEAR ZERO ENGINE system.




V4 without the portrait


I like these. I’ve been looking at XDZ along a similar fashion, and the YZ engine is a perfect pairing. Target Number being 1, 2, or 3 successes. You got your Push. I dig it, man.

One alteration I’d make is borrowing from Alien… having each Push, rather than detract from Training, add a point to Stress. Each Stress point is an additional d6 rolled. If any Stress die comes up a 1 (it’d need to be a different color die) then Panic.


Ooooooooooo that’s KILLER

I have to try both versions


Tried that way of handling Fear/Stress and Panic. The only change we agreed would be needed is for the Panic Table to be a little longer and no suicide. To roll maybe a 1d4+Stress/Fear and having higher levels be real bad and the others more of a nuisance.
Also scrapped SMARTS and using COOL and LEADERSHIP (Specialty) to lower/resist FEAR/STRESS


I’ve never met a stress system I’ve liked. To me, it has to live in the player’s mind, or it just feels weird.


Me too. It works for boardgames though.