YAG - early access release date!



Good news everyone!
The virtual tabletop including proceduraly generated map, YAG ( http://yagame.fr ), will be available in early access on steam the 5th of February 2019!

Here is a tutorial about the proceduraly generated dungeon. ^^


I am really stoked to try this out. I don’t know if I will ever actually use it, but it looks super cool to play with. Thank you very much for posting an update.


Hey, yeah I am excited about this too, someone on our channel advised we should look at it, but at the time there wasn’t really anything to try out… Will be very excited to put my hands into it


this one goes direct to my wishlist and i can’t wait til February the 5th


Sorry to dig an old topic up. Anyone got to try YAG yet?


i did, but i hadn‘t time to watch some tutorials and i got totally confused. So my first look wasn‘t that good.
Not very intuitive, but i will give it another try if i find the time


Not really, i got to try it before the early access release, it is a great tool but you’ll need to dive in to learn it.


I agree. I bought the thing and spent some time watching the video tut’s and it is not intuitive but once you get the hang of the icons and shortcuts its not a bad thing… I now need to figure out how to get a game going with it… its no replacement for Tabletop Simulator (imho) but it has some nice models, character, and options for weapons, in addition you can ride horses and some monsters! … nice toolset but still lacking some polish, good price point, non intuitive gui which is painful at first look, definitely need to spend some time in it (which will help the learning curve, which is not steep) love the models, textures, the quick generator for maps if something i really like! … I would give it 3 stars! :star: :star: :star: