Xeno Printing Question




When you print Xeno Dead Zone for tabletop play do you use the 1/4 size sheets in the complete pdf. or do you print the individual ones from the zip pack? I see pics of both ways on this site. Any advice or first hand experience appreciated,




Both are good options, its more a preference of scale.

I personally took each map and blew it up to a 8.5 x 11 inch page and sent the 13 maps to Office Max to have them printed out on black and white Cardstock. Costed like $3 total for all them. Just have to add and remove map pieces every so often for table space, we typically had about 5 or 6 out at time.

theres also an ap you download on your phone called XDZ Companion that helps keep track of spawned Xenos.

good luck!


Thanks for your input.