Xeno Dead Zone wrapped in a Warp Shell



I’d like to give a major shout-out to @Wildstar, @Jkroy, @TYMONGER, and @wizardkerfuffle for a great session tonight. If you guys had half as much fun as I did, you had a good time. Xeno Dead Zone was the foundation for tonight’s session, wrapped in a toasted Warp Shell. We had two confirmed Critical Fails and a nice sprinkling of 80s references (I’m looking at you, Jenny). A thank you to @Wildstar for training this padawan on the ways of Roll20.


It was a great time. Looking forward to the next session.


Niiiice! Did you use the Baker’s Dozen classes? Or were you playing more board-game style?


I used the pre-gens as NPCs. The option was on the table for the players to use them, but I let them make whatever they wanted from any setting and I worked it into the story. SGT McGill did meet a grisly end, though. I preferred running it standard versus boardgame as the folks I play with are more role players. I do like the board game option being there for quicker sessions.


Sweeeet. That’s super awesome! Sounds like an amazing game.


It was too bad what happened to Sgt McGill… But it was very nice of him to drop his gear as the Xeno dispatched him. Especially since I’d lost my blaster with that critical failure.

It was a lot of fun - thanks again for letting me join. I’m looking forward to the next one!


Good times, @Sweenie_McGuffin! I had been looking forward to playing in a game ran by you and it was indeed great! I especially enjoyed it because I knew nothing about XDZ going into it (other than Aliens) so it was a fun surprise.

Crazy as I’ve never seen a confirmed crit miss in ICRPG and this one game had 2!

Looking forward to part 2!