XDZ color map assets?



Hello Shieldwall!

I’m running a Traveller RPG inspired ICRPG game that is visually a lot like the fiction that inspired XDZ. My game is online, due to one of my player group moving away, and I am having to switch gears quickly before our next session. The XDZ color maps I see a few people posting look like they would be a really good fit, but I haven’t figured out whether you can buy them on DriveThru or download them somewhere, or what.

EDIT: I should mention that I have the B&W art assets as part of the Bonus Collection downloads. I think Hankerin might have given it to me at some point, or it came with my purchase of Worlds and Core 1e? I honestly don’t remember.

My ideal situation is that I could find some cool sci-fi backgrounds and use scatter to whip up boards as needed during the session, like what Hankerin did in his Savages of Kath video. If anyone has any recommendations for something similar, I’d really appreciate it. Or just some brainstorming. The players are currently exploring a former asteroid mine turned science lab that was overrun by a borg-like alien hivemind.



The color maps are free on Runehammer Patreon if you’re a patron. They’re also included with the downloads for Xeno Dead Zone on DrivethruRPG, so if you bought it there it should be in your library. :metal::coffee:


I think I must’ve bought it before the color maps were added! Thanks.


Strange. DriveThru doesn’t think I own it… how did I get this folder called BonusCollection?


Well, it was about time I joined the Shield Wall… is it a BYOS situation or is there an armory where I can pick mine up?


If you search posts for “XDZ Color Maps” on the Patreon it’ll come up.