XDZ Card Deck



This just arrived today! Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to play a game with it.

Note: This is not for sale, as permission has not been given by @Runehammer. It was printed purely for personal enjoyment and an experiment in using the PoD card feature on DTRPG.

Enjoy some pictures:


Nice work, does drivethru POD cards in the UK as they do with the books, or is this feature US only? Thanks.


I’m not sure. It would be in the Publisher section on your account to set up a new title, at least for mine (US). If you mean ordering, I’m pretty sure you can.


Ok, I’ll have a look, I know if I order cards from someone else, I get postage from the US, and that is normally more than the deck itself. I’m yet to find a good POD service for cards in the UK. Thanks for the reply, your cards look sweet.


It is a little wonky as a POD for personal. You need to set up an actual product listing, but when you do you can order a proof and then just hide the listing so it doesn’t show up for the public.

I did look into other POD services and found that DTRPG is the cheapest and easiest to use, though you do need to use either InDesign, Scribus or Affinity Designer to create the PDF for submission. Just make sure to check out their instructions and walkthrough first. PM me if you need any help with it, and good luck!


Seeing XDZ put onto these great looking printed cards now has me thinking how easily it could just be packaged as a boxed board game with few changes needed. Just need some tiles and some minis pretty much and I think it could be a great product.


I actually thought about trying their poster POD feature for that purpose, as I have a board game idea that’s a cross between XDZ and Gloomhaven


Beautiful set. Hopefully you work with Runehammer to get this officially licensed. I love this kind of stuff for my games.