WW2 Normandy cards


Well I thought I’d try some different theme to suit kids school topics. WW2. Quite pleased with it. Beach assault is D4 timer 2 hearts of effort to get off or take Double ultimate damage if hit. That was interesting. Some had a few goes, but real survival time. ! Fuel dump, bunkers, MG nest. The room is a comms room to raid for Intel and loot! Enjoyed this one. IMG_20210430_180623|666x500


Do you have an ICRPG Setting-Specific Rules System for this that you have made? I see a few items but wondered if you have more.
A DM that i am a player for is a History Teacher and loves WWII stuff.


I just wanted to try and use something simple. Somebody posted some stuff a while ago and it grabbed my interest. It’s not anything I have done. I like doing the art and use core rules but didn’t port in the guns on quick start rules. Tags are sniper, mechanic, explosives, engineer, radio operator etc. Easy rolls for those with specific tool kits if you like. Grenades are on a D8 compass area basis on a D20 miss throw half damage. Every thing else was thematic, Garand rifle, pistol, aid kits, knife, grenades. Radio man tag can call in artillery strike. That sort of thing. Armour was helmets and body armour. Maybe the shield wall can remember who posted the original data sheets. Hope you find it. Happy battles…


Check out this post by @DMChef


Thanks for posting the original link. Much appreciated for @Luther to see.