WW2 : ICRPG revisited


Haha no worries. I’d love to play in a ww2 scenario. If you ever decide To run one online I’d be up for it.


some insight on chunks for platoons; morale check vs players + enemies if a certain percentage of the unit has been wounded or incapacitated, make it a semi-fear related check, they are forced to begin a retreat or recover their wounded brothers and get out or they’ll be overwhelmed, maybe the sanity would be the check of the unit in this roll? :slight_smile: but i would definitely use it for both allies and enemies

I would also say in a single attack if a large portion of the platoon is wiped out or wounded(surprise mortar strike or tank ambush) probably force a reaction to check or begin retreat. (these could be loot / vehicle focused “tags”)

Orders to “hold ground at any cost” or etc could neglect these checks for the /defenders/ which would make them fight to the last man regardless. Just my two cents, dont wanna over complicate things though either! All sounds awesome, i’ve definitely been thinking about doing a wonky WW2 game for a while and this is great stuff my man!


Thanks for the compliment. I like what you got there. There are just so many options. You never know what kind of scenario you might want to put your players in.


Do you do any special abilities for different guns?

Eg. Thompson, 15+ shoot again


You can do whatever you like. I think if there is something powerful and deadly it should be treated like loot that expires.

Then again, if your character is Jessie Ventura from Predator and you carry a massive rail gun. Then, Yeehaw!


I forgot something important:

Snipers spend one turn aiming then use
Weapon+Ultimate, If not spending a turn aiming use regular Weapon

I updated the WW2 Pages Combined Player.pdf