WW2 : ICRPG revisited


I posted a google doc several months ago, I played it over the summer and had a blast. I am planning on running it again as a One Shot over the holiday break coming up. I decided to edit it down to a 1 page handout for players and a 1 page GM sheet with a 2 - D20 Loot Tables, a D10 Timer roll table, and a D20 Encounter roll table.


Check it out and as always, Thank you all for your inspiration.



I like the one-page layout. Great for a Con. Hero coin, sir.


Wow that looks really neat! Thank you for sharing.


It has PLASTIC ARMY MEN written all over it!!! Love the layout and the write-up. I have one question because I was thinking of using something similar but hit a brick wall – > CHUNKS for a platoon. How do you handle their damage? I was thinking it was more of a ‘blob’ with no clear defined space and as long as it exists, players roll to avoid WEAPON effort on the GM’s turn; on a 1 suffer ULTIMATE (+) WEAPON (as if it were a CRIT).

Curious if you actually used that yet on the table and what it would look like. For me I got as far as trying to explain it and it just felt ‘wordy’ so I gave up.

Thanks for the rework; not always easy to go back to something and way glad you did.


I bought a tub of army men from Amazon and some plastic tanks from the dollar store. I really haven’t had to fight a platoon yet. I was working with the idea the @GmGrizzly had for chunks. Something he posted back in the Google + days.

Here is a pic from my campaign from the summer.


Really cool layout and idea! This can be easily ported to a lot of genres, thanks for the inspiration!


What you have here is very cool, well done sir! I will keep this in mind as a genre to explore as WWII was not on my radar until now.


Stop bothering @Ezzerharden! He has already finished the 2019 annual. :grin:


Why is the second page upside down? Makes it difficult to read on screen.

If it is to help duplex printing, then it surely is best to publish it the right way up and then let the printer worry about which printer settings are best?


I will change the PDF orientation. I make the second page that way because when I print it the second page is always upside down. I am doing something wrong I am sure but have never bothered figuring it out.


When you print you can select the option to ‘Print on Short Edge’. That will stop it from being upside down


I re-posted the two sided PDF to my google drive. enjoy.


I’m also on the ‘never figured it out’ side because when I saw it upside down I was like, “That’s pretty smart!” :slight_smile:


I have been thinking about the platoon chunk question. Perhaps it’s not a matter of killing an entire platoon but maybe enough of it to either get away from it or for it to retreat. As for platoon hitting my players I would roll my D6 and have my players roll D20 + either Con or Dex to beat the target. If they don’t beat it they take my D6 damage. I don’t use the Ghost Mountain gun machinists.


Hey DMChef, so I’ve finally had a chance to have a good read through, and i must say for how brief it is, it’s really excellent stuff.

One small irritant I have is on the rules page 1

Snipers :
Things that make a big boom!
Roll Weapon+Ultimate. Grenades, TNT, Mortar
Artillery, improvised bombs etc…

The content under the heading doesn’t relate to the snipers and isn’t clear whether sniper shots should also be rolling weapon+ultimate.

perhaps it should be something like

Snipers and Explosions :
Things that make a big boom!
Roll Weapon+Ultimate for Snipers, Grenades, TNT, Mortar
Artillery, improvised bombs etc…


God catch. Funny how you can read something a hundred times and not see it. I will edit it. It might be tomorrow sometime. I will post something here and let you know.


I have made a couple of changes as suggested. Special thanks to @Abodi :herocoin: for him. I re-posted it.


From ‘maybe tomorrow sometime’ to less than ‘30 minutes’, you must have added an ultimate die to your effort roll.


oh sorry i found another page 2 under customise

Entrenching tool +1 De


Fixed. Thanks for being the editor :herocoin: