Worth buying 2e in 2021 or waiting for Master Edition?



Greetings all,

I’m relatively new to the ttrpg thing.

Had a couple of real life games in the before times but got really into them over lockdown. Including GMing 5e (HotDQ).

I’m finding the system very bloated (both as player and GM) and in my hunt to find ways of making it better came across ICRPG.

From what I’ve seen it’s a brilliant system but while looking through the forum I noticed mention of an upcoming Master Edition so had to ask; before I invest in ICRPG would I be better waiting for the ME release?


Welcome, first and foremost! You’re in for a real treat as you dig around and join in on all the chatter :smile:

As for your question, I personally think you’d be fine investing in the CORE 2e book/pdf and the for certain grabbing the free Quickstart 2e. That should be enough to get you by until Master Edition drops.

Master Edition is going to be a compilation of all the main books and settings in a new cleaned up version (CORE, WORLDS, MAGIC, Blood and Snow, Vigilante City, etc…)

If you grab the 2e PDF on drivethru (or keep a look out on patreon, I’m guessing), Hank is really generous about offering free updates and such so either way you shouldn’t have much to worry about. The Shield wall is a very generous place!


Wait for the Master edition! It’ll be worth it! :smiley:


If you want yo get started with 3e, the free Quick Start on DriveThru is updated to 3rd edition I believe.

If not it is still enough to get a game going. Honestly, what is avalible in the quick start is just about all I use in my games. Aside from what I homebrew.


Honestly. Download the quickstart and use it until the Master Edition comes out. Look online for other resources, especially here on this forum. ICRPG is so brilliantly designed that you can modify and add your own components to make the game most appealing to you, and it doesn’t take very long to get the hang of it. There is the DIY aspect that takes some getting use to for those who come from “overly polished and engineered games” like 5e but it will be the best thing to happen to you in your “Gaming Life”. Honestly, when you get your players hooked, even when the 3rd edition comes out, they will probably have no problem shifting over. It most likely will be nearly seamless merger with your game and they probably will even embrace it fully. Even if you fully design your own ICRPG Version before it comes out and see no need for change, it will offer an amazing resource. I am an old grognard and have never been so optimistic about a system and its move to newer additions.


Icrpg and the runehammer community is awesome. Get the quickstart until master edition. Binge-watch Hank’s videos on YouTube. Spend time on forums/discord. Honestly the best rpg space to be. Welcome :beer: :shield:


my take, hold off on a physical book but grabb icrpg core as a pdf. and then get master edition as physical when it releases.


Thanks for the advice everyone! Much appreciates. Keep on being big ole bad asses!


Hi Neil, like you I’m, new, so new this is my first post here, but wanted you to know I had the same question a few weeks back and I decided to invest in 2e. I felt the time-bloat too with some other systems and after I decided to switch it up, bought ICRPG hardcover off of drivethrurpg. It was sent Friday, so should be here end of the week. I bought the hardcover because after watching Hank in over 20 videos I saw the light :blush: and wanted to support his work and that of this community. Something just resonates here with the philosophy of gaming. So welcome, not all are long time members of posters, and that’s cool.


I feel a bit sad that I did just get a physical 2e book. And Magic. Bummer, but oh well. Got the book then joined the forums and then see that everyone said to wait for the master…


Hey, welcome to the gang!

Although some above have suggested waiting to buy Master Edition physical copy, there is something to be said for supporting Hank and his work by grabbing both 2e CORE and ME in print. He’s a one man team producing work that is arguably better than WOTC material. Support him as much as you can afford to, is my suggestion.



I bought the 1st gen of core and then the 2nd gen released like 2 months later.
So I feel ya on that.

But some silver lining that I realized is, you know how two books one for you to use and one you can let a player look at. Or two players look at for character creation.

You also can see how the game evolved and pick and choose older or new version of rules and items as you want.


I’m on it! Such fantastic and thought provoking content on his channel. I love the way his mind works, and I don’t think I’ve ever said that about very many people.