World Building: Cyber Mario Style



Inspired by our jarl’s ideas above, what would this idea look like in cyberpunk instead of fantasy?

Give me some cyberpunk landmarks for a Mario map, shield-siblings! Here’s what I came up with:
-The tech cultists’ lair.
-The Luddite camp.
-The one mysteriously undeveloped wooded hill amidst the mega city.
-The Great Scrapheap populated by savage feral gangs.
-Shrine of the All-Knowing Net Mother the AI goddess.

Long-time Runehammer watcher- First time poster. :slight_smile:

  • The Terminal (Old terminal for space travels)
  • Nature’s Claim (sort of a permaculture village within the Megacity, growing food across the walls of the skyscrapers)
  • The Oracle (Coven of lovely, old ladies who claim to be witches and like to drink tea with a biscuit)

And I got two places I’m using for a one-shot that I’m creating atm. Most of it is in the Blackout, as told in the book, but the first one is the place where they get the quest and the second one is the quest location they’ll need to find:

  • Binjo’s Burgers and Cybertech; all things greasy (Binjo creates burgers to eat and take away, but also is a masterful cybernetic repairman. His wive Korni is a tattoo artist. This restaurant is a home spot for many Kobold gang members in Dragon Maze.)
  • DELPHI (located somewhere in the Blackout, Delphi is an AI that could almost tell the future. Its location was lost when gang members of the Maze Crawlers attacked the facility and the Blackout happened. Binjo wants you to return with a copied hard drive of DELPHI)

  1. Queequeg’s: A semi-underground soy-kaf (see: future coffee) house where intellectuals, runners, revolutionaries, and hip kids meet. Could be a home base, or a front for a large corp who are keeping an eye on potential troublemakers. Always find rumors and jobs here. Unofficially neutral ground between the gangers. Bonus points to any player who gets the lame joke in the name of the place.

  2. Trash Market: A huge tented bazaar built among the old alleyways of a decommissioned city block. The sprawl scavengers say that if you need it, you can find it here. It might need some TLC, it might smell horrible, but hey, what are you gonna do? Hidden gems galore can be found with the right contact and enough time spent.

  3. USS Sea of Tranquility: This ancient aircraft carrier was the first in a series of failed prototype aerospace superiority battle ships. In game it could either be: A) Located in a dry dock and has been fortified by a corp or perhaps a small independent nation. B) Hovering above the sprawl as a ghost ship. No one knows how it got there and no one who has gone has ever returned.


Nice Ideas, both of you!

@Arc: Are you saying the USS Sea of Tranquility has some kind of anti-gravity tech like Castle in the Sky? I wonder if if the crew stuck there just created their own autonomous enclave. I wonder how they’d sustain their supplies though.


Sure! Whatever works for your game. It could be anti-grav, or it could be like the SHIELD Helicarriers. I am picturing more like SDF-1 from Macross; a ship that can be in water, air, or space.

I like the idea of a crew enclave. Maybe they have a shit ton of freeze dried MRE supplies, and technology for water collection/recycling, growing plants, etc. Maybe the anti-grav tech is a closely guarded secret and you get sent to retrieve it, only to find a crew of extremely well trained spartan type warriors guarding the ship.


Madison’s Square: A decrepit basketball court, but freshly renovated halogen lights shine on center court. Deep beneath the facade of a park lies a club for the city’s shady criminals to relax at.