Working on new Roll20 character sheet


what about exploding effort dice?


Here is the problem. It should be check box, that once checked it will affect any roll you do from the sheet.

I actually had idea for another that would be also great: ROOM DIFFICULTY button

So every roll would automatically be compared to room difficulty and it will tell you if its fail or success.

… However

On both accounts. Problem is that some players dont like to use it. And such buttons that affect everything would force people to use it ( which nobody wants ) … Unless we can also make it somehow optional ?


Are you asking for a macro to accomplish this, or as a feature if the character sheet?


I don’t think I would ever use a room difficulty button, it seems to be entering an area of unnecessary complication. Just my opinion but keeping the character sheet simple is the better choice.


Do you have any idea how long before the sheet gets released?

Very excited about this


Huh. Just last night I started working on my own sheet for ICRPG. The existing sheets are all very large, and I wanted to create something that presents a minimal set of vitals but is also reasonably functional. I grabbed the index card-sized graphic from the book and started laying out controls on it. It’s still in progress, but it looks like this so far:

One of the things that’s most useful here (I think) is that the gear on the gear page automatically contributes to the bonus on the character page. If you enable the gear, it includes it in the calculation. You can associate the bonus to any of the base stats on the character side, and the computation is done by Sheetworker.

I’m happy to share the code if that’s useful.


Oh wow. We had year or two where one barely functional sheet was existing, and nobody was there to fix it.
And now suddenly we are going to have several sheets for same thing :frowning:

To tell you the truth, it seems un needed. And I am even in doubt that roll20 will allow such thing ?

Not telling you not to do the sheet. But I am now thinking maybe its pointless for me to continue working on mine. :thinking:


Oh no! Don’t stop work on yours! I think it looks great, and it definitely fills a need that is different from mine.

I only started messing with this one last night, just playing around. I built it because I wanted to use it for my upcoming game, and then I showed it to a guy I know, and he said to share it with the Discord, and the next thing you know, I’m here…

Dunno about Roll20’s willingness to merge all of the variants, but I’m less concerned about giving mine to everyone to use than just being able to use a custom sheet on the beta server, so if it’s not merged, that was never my goal anyway.


Definitely, please, keep working on yours. I like the layout and design.


The sheet looks great :slight_smile:


Im just what are the odds… :thinking:

I will continue working on version I am working on. I guess more sheets can not hurt :slight_smile:


I agree with @rpgerminator that keeping the design focus on the essential task is probably the best approach even though I asked for a complicated feature. I would rather have a great looking easy to use intuitive character sheet that works for everyone right out of the box than a complex one that forces users to choose a play style that they would not prefer. We can always customize/hack it with macros for particular needs.


GitHub allows for multiple sheets and forks!!! The super popular games have many many sheets!!! If both of you continue…we simply go from Famine to Feast!!!

3 different sheets on Roll20, full interface for Fantasy and Runehamer VTT that is stripped down, game neutralish!!! (Not going to be running a game with 12d6 rolls and exploding 6’s. )

On roll 20
One working now, 2 taking different approaches in dev, one is a one off style sheet, keep the real sheet at home type, and another more full featured pleasing to the eyes sheet!!! Both totally have their place!

Next year some people might fork your current sheets for ones that fit their game better. And 10 years from now…in odd ways even if Roll20 updates their UI… these will live on and make it really easy to run an ICRPG game.


I totally agree. More sheets is better.

I am trying to transition my players from 5E to ICRPG. I wont get buy in without a working sheet. They complain about ROLL20 enough as it is

Keep up the great work guys!


Update ( open image to see full picture ) :

Question :

  • Would you like to have INVENTORY on separate TAB ?
  • How would you call TAB with : Milestone Paths ( Worlds ) , Tags ( blood Snow ) , Feats ( optional ) , Abilities ( Optional )


I’d prefer inventory it’s own tab. Have notes accessible at the bottom in every tab. Not sure Bio requires own tab, can easily be covered by Story in Core tab. Magic makes sense to have own tab. Not sure what Abilities (I assume it’s for Abilities provided by loot) would cover that can’t be included in Inventory. Tags could be under Core.


Bio - would have things like character height, hair , eyes …all that jazz. Also Biography , maybe goals etc. Its all in TABS so you can open it or never open it.

Abilities , range from Milestone Path system from “Worlds” to “Tags” from Blood Snow , to optional place for house rules, for Feats/abilities that are not inventory. Again not that optional = optional

I rather keep notes separate. I always find it very handy for many things when I play. From noting names of NPC , places … etc. To writing down …whatever I want to remember for that quest/game

I am trying to make every tab as short as possible. So you have almost all at glance, without need for scrolling. This is why I dont want notes on every tab


Copy. My experience with having the notes section in the bottom of each tab allows the player to not have to switch between the active tab used in the current encounter and the notes tab, then back again… all right there. Less clicks.


Yea…Its kind of click ( to other tab ) vs scroll down

Honestly both are equally bad :smiley:


I personally like the notes tab at the top. Otherwise, I forget it is there.

Maybe I am just getting old…