Working on new Roll20 character sheet


I am working on new character sheet for Roll20. Your comments, ideas, suggestions are needed :slight_smile:

Here is the 1:1 design ( so far )

After reading most of ICRPG books, i decided to divide sheets into one for ( fantasy ) ICRPG core & magic , and separate sheets for Altered States and Vigilante.

My goal is for sheet to be in same time faithful to rules, but also to give space for house rules , and different game versions.

However, I am also trying for sheet to be as condensed as possible ( so , as much possible in one place with no scrolling )

Therefore some user creativity will be needed. For example if you are playing Ghost mountain, where “Bio-Form” is now called “Type”. I had considered to label it “Bio-Form / Type” but on end decided its just labeling unecessary clutter, and players of Ghost Mountain will just put their Type under Bio-Form.

So these are tradeoffs


Looks great… very clean.


This is the best layout I’ve seen so far, nice work


Wow, this looks great, I like the clean order of the sheet!

I like that there is more room in the story section.

I would suggest maybe giving a little more space for the name and perhaps shortening the class and bio-forms to make the room. Names can possibly be longer than class and bio-form. Just a thought.

Where I do like texture effects I think their application here makes the text and numbers blurred and harder to read because it breaks up the edges of the lines. I would keep the solid colors on anything that has text or numbers over them. The texture would look cool in the grey dividing lines though so I would keep that in place. Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

I do like what you did with a dropped shadow behind each red text box, that’s a nice touch and makes them stand out.


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Will do

My concern as well. I also doubt its maybe “overdesigned”. Usability > Design

Because I got rid of “Dice Roll Button” . and made everything red “active” in other word RED=Its button
So I also put bit of shadow under, to make it even more clear “call for action”


Man, this sheet looks really good. I agree with the feedback regarding some of the texture being a little distracting for the eye, but overall I love the look and cleanliness of the sheet. Weren’t you asking about someone redoing the sheet some time ago? If so, kudos to you for taking it on yourself and doing something about it. Great work.


Well done, man. I really like the look and layout


Would you be able to add a Monster tab for the DM to write the stats and info for beasties? Hides all the Player info and just shows what’s needed for monsters.


Nice looking sheet - look forward to seeing the final version.


Excellent idea ! This is something I would definetly try to do :slight_smile:


Thanks to @paxx sponsoring this :slight_smile:


This looks awesome - I’ve been using the sheets and macros that you all have been posting and really appreciate all the work that’s going into them. Thank you!

As long as we are sharing ideas about features, I thought I might contribute my idea/request if possible. I know the 5e sheet has an option that provides a way of toggling Advantage/Disadvantage with some buttons on the sheet. I think it might be cool to add this functionality with Hard/Easy rolls. There might be another way to give that option only when needed (not ask for every roll) that’s less complicated to add (macros or radio boxes etc).

Thanks again for doing this - can’t wait to see it in action.


Great idea.

Might be above my programming skill, but i will check 5e sheet for how it was done


That’s gonna look amazing!

I’m not familiar with how roll20 makes it’s sheets, are you worried the HTML/CSS will give you trouble, or the macros?

I wouldn’t mind pitching in to make it happen, as I’m also looking for a compact character sheet to use. If you’d like.


It looks from the character sheet to the targets character sheet and rolls against ac or saves…with ICRPG we are rolling against TN.

Both @Shadymutha and @Olorindil requests get complex on targeting and pulling stats from where, and from the GM side the rolling to attack is exactly like DnD.
Just having a combat sheet with selectable attack and effort rolls, Might be the thing…(example: “Jake’s Mazon Beam hits TN 15 for 4 points of effort”) from the chat in Roll20 the GM and players still need to track HP.

On jakes sheet, there is a weapon name, attribute and effort…and the combat sheet just has drop downs equipped loot and equipment and a field to enter in stuff like kick, or throws…that won’t be in loot, per say.

For combat or most play, we don’t need base/equipment…we just need final numbers. But I also want temporary HP and other silly things :-p

If anyone knows how to accomplish targeting in Roll20, where the creature grabs AC value from a different items stats, please mention it…I don’t have a clue in that regard!


Maybe this (in a macro): @{target|<target_name>|<attribute_name>|<optional_flags>}


That’ll do it. Here what that might look like…

/emas @{selected|token_name} attacks @{target|token_name} (@{target|ac}AC)


This is completely awesome. I cant wait to try it out.


Great work!.. Can I get a copy of the character sheet for print?
If that is possible!!! … really good stuff

Game On!


Ok so I figured out one solution:

Here’s an example of a Standard/Easy/Hard dialog box for a dexterity attempt with a token selected that has a dexterity attribute (will add dexterity base bonus and item bonus to the roll - assumes attribute is named “dexterity”):

?{Dexterity Effort Roll|Standard, Standard Roll = [[1d20+@{selected|dexterity}]]|Easy, Easy Roll = [[1d20+3+@{selected|dexterity}]]|Hard, Hard Roll = [[1d20-3+@{selected|dexterity}]]}

Edit: Note I tested this on the character sheet that @Twotricks and @Seraphim published so it can be used to create macros for each attribute or combined with the macros from @NeilGiraffeTyson