Work in progress hack of the Ghostbusters RPG



Hey gang! New to ICRPG and starting to get pretty comfortable with it. I’ve used it to start a home game drawing from the Ghostbusters RPG, the video games, and a whole lot from what they’re doing over there at the nerdy show.

I’ll be constantly updating this Google doc but I’m looking for some help here. I want to fill out all the abilities, starting loot, milestone abilities, and mastery for my types. Would you guys take a look and crowd create this with me? Feel free to comment or make suggestions on any part of it. I’d be happy to answer any questions and if I like your suggestion it’ll go in the hack.

Let’s do this shield wall! You’re not afraid of no ghost’s are ya?


As a big Ghostbusters fan I love this idea! I’m gonna give this a read but I want to play it already!

“We’re ready to believe you!” :point_right::point_right:


So awesome! If you don’t mind I’ll run it by our local Ghostbusters squad (Ghostbusters North) to see if they have any fun ideas or input.


That would be great! I’d love to hear what they have to say


Same here. I saw that movie in the theater when I was a kid and have been a huge game ever since. So when I heard I could play as my own Ghostbuster I was stoked! I didn’t get to play the GBRPG as much as I would have liked back then, but it was on my radar, I just played a lot more D&D

Now that I’m having my mid-life crisis induced role playing obsession I’m happy to get that chance. I’m playing this with my family (wife, kid, brother, and both of my retired parents!!!) And they are loving it so far. It fits the play style of my mom and wife much better, both like to role play and think more than fight.

Now if I could just do something about the rest of the party, who are nothing more that murder hobos with proton packs


I probably should have said this in the original post, but a lot of this is just a compilation of materials for my home game. Most of this is someone else’s writing, I’m just adapting it to make it work with ICRPG, which really isn’t hard. I didn’t come up with many of these concepts, I just changed things from GBRPG to make it work within an ICRPG framework. It’s just a bunch of Ghostbusters stuff and a bit of me making some mechanics so you can have a GB style ICRPG game.

I’m not trying to take any credit here