Wood block dice tower


Dollar Store Jenga Dice tower build.

Get crafty.



Well done! I like that a lot.

I made this foam core dice tower a while back, and it’s boring black. I like the texture you gave your’s!


Nice, dude. I love this.


What did you do to color the blocks?

I picked up 10 packs of these blocks at Dollar Tree (thankfully they had some, I bought them all).


Glue them and paint them! No really, they are simple wood blocks. I glue them together in whatever object I am making and then I usually do a black acrylic and modpodge base. This not only makes a great base it also glues the heck out of it. Sometimes the glued parts are not covering that much wood so the extra coating is nice.

Once the black paint / modpodge is dry, I go to town with the cheap acrylic paint.

Here are some examples:

These blocks were essential in my Dungeon kit:


What is great about this tower is that it is really small. I have a really cool 3d printed tower but it is so big I don’t like to use it.


Oh tell me about it! I built the Ultimate GM Screen II, and while it’s totally awesome to look at it chews up a lot of table space! :sweat_smile: