WIP: Mörk Indexkort



Hej guys, ghouls, girls and entities too powerful for human gender categories!
I am working on a Mörk Borg + ICRPG-hack mostly for fun and to get a friend of mine to play ICRPG.
It’s basically using bits and bops of different games and mashing them together in one glorious, but hopefully playable, mess.
This little hack is far from finished, but I thought I share the work in progress to get your feedback. Have a look and tell me what you think. Take care all! :slight_smile:


This will be interesting to see, i always saw Mrok Borg as more of an art project than an actual playable game so maybe this mashup will give it a stronger backbone.


It’s a playable game and the book is an art-ifact in its own right, yeah. :smiley:
One of the USPs of MÖRK BORG is definitely the (Black Metal) aesthetic.
The rules themselves are basically D20-roll over plus random tables and excessive black metal aesthetic, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a great game and the community is really cool and they have lots of stuff to basically generate characters, adventures and dungeons on the fly.
I just like ICRPG more. :sweat_smile:


Cool idea! Mechanically I’m not super interested in Mörk Borg. I think Prof Dungeon Master and Hankerin already kinda boiled the cool things into their systems. I am really interested in the random tables and the aesthetic of MB, so I look forward to seeing what you’ve got!